Agenda for March 14, 2018


09:30-11:30 PDT
16:30-18:30 UTC
Note: The US will be on daylight savings time and the EU will not.

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Meeting Audio

1. Opening Activities

1.1 Opening comments (Co-Chair Keaton)
1.2 Introduction of participants/roll call (Co-Chair Cartey)
1.3 Procedures for this meeting (Co-Chair Keaton)
1.4 Approval of agenda (Co-Chair Keaton)
1.5 Approval of previous minutes [Minutes of 2018-02-28 Meeting#11] (Co-Chair Keaton)
1.6 Review of action items and resolutions (Secretary Hagen)
1.7 Identification of SARIF TC voting members (Co-Chair Cartey)
1.7.1 Prospective members attending their first meeting
1.7.2 Members attaining voting rights at the end of this meeting
1.7.3 Members losing voting rights if they have not joined this meeting by the time it ends
1.7.4 Members who previously lost voting rights who are attending this meeting
1.7.5 Members who have declared a leave of absence

2. Timeline Status

2.1 Note where we are on the schedule [SARIF TC Timeline] (Co-Chair Keaton)
         - 24 open issues marked CSD.1 and scheduled to close 12 at this meeting

3. Future Meetings

3.1 Future meeting schedule (Co-Chair Keaton)

4. Document Progress (Co-Editors Golding and Fanning)

4.1 Editors' report
4.2 Approval of changes
4.2.1 Guiding principles: allow duplicate representations [PR#114]
4.2.2 Do we want an array of computed fingerprints on result? [#10]
4.2.3 Document how converters should provide notifications [#15]
4.2.4 Clarify requirement for format of URI-valued properties for nested files [#23]
4.2.5 Document rule.configuration [#29]
4.2.6 Clarify that the keys in the run.files dictionary must be distinct when normalized [#63]
4.2.7 run.files keys can collide if specified by relative URLs [#64]
4.2.8 Clarify encoding requirements for properties that contain text from source files [#76]
4.2.9 Enable localization for all message strings [#84]
4.2.10 file object's contents property [#97]
4.2.11 Opportunistic change: redefinition of invocation.responseFiles property [see change for #76/#97]
4.2.12 Opportunitic change: improvement to definition of replacement object [see change for #76/#97]
4.2.13 run.invocation should be an array of invocation objects [#102]
4.2.14 Specify how to treat a file that contains interleaved stdout/stderr [#110]
4.2.15 invocation object should record process outcome [#115]
4.3 Discussions
4.3.1 Review code flow proposals [#80]
4.3.2 Review rank/metrics/etc. proposals as raised by Nick Mansourov [#58] [#44]
         - Note: #58 is not a CSD.1 issue

5. Other Business

6. Resolutions and Decisions reached (by 10 minutes prior to scheduled meeting end)

6.1 End debate of other issues by 10 minutes prior to scheduled meeting end and follow the agenda from this point (Co-Chair Keaton)
6.2 Review of Decisions Reached (Secretary Hagen)
6.3 Review of Action Items (Secretary Hagen)

7. Next Meeting

March 28, 2018 / 09:30-11:30 PDT / 16:30-18:30 UTC
Note: The US and EU will both be on daylight savings time.

8. Adjournment