OData TC meeting #224 Thursday August 09, 2018

Acting chair: Ralf

Chat transcript from room: odatatc
2018-08-09 0800-1000 PDT

1. Roll call

1.1 Members present

    Gerald Krause (SAP SE)
    Mark Biamonte (Progress Software)
    Michael Pizzo (Microsoft) a.k.a. Mike
    Ralf Handl (SAP SE)
    Ramesh Reddy (Red Hat)
    Stefan Hagen (Individual)
    Ted Jones (Red Hat)

Quorum achieved. Details cf. normative attendance sheet for this meeting (event_id=46268).

Notes taken by all and subsequently edited for readability by Stefan.

2. Approve agenda

Agenda is approved unchanged as published

3. Approve minutes from previous meeting(s)

3.1 Minutes from August 02, 2018 TC meeting #223

URL = https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/63669/odata-meeting-223_on-20180802-minutes-informal.html

No quroum on that date, nothing to approve, thus minutes auto-approved unchanged as published

3.2 Minutes from July 26, 2018 TC meeting #222

URL = https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/63491/odata-meeting-222_on-20180726-minutes.html

Minutes approved unchanged as published

4. Review action items [Link to Action item list]

4.1 Action items due

4.1.1 #0038 Prepare proposal for REST Profile / OData Essentials Mike Pizzo 2018-08-08

Ralf: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/download.php/63678/REST-EZ.docx


Issue: To be popular with hobby developers and generate buzz we need libraries on popular platforms.
Issue: Is everything in REST-EZ required?  i.e., expand? what filter functionality is required?  Should we define a simplified subset of the expression language?
Should identify "levels" according to use cases
Rather than "levels" could even consider (possibly overlapping) scenario-based "feature sets"

Mike: Relationship of REST-EZ to OpenAPI:


OpenAPI is an extremely popular specification for documenting a REST API. Because REST-EZ APIs are REST APIs, 
it is natural and encouraged for REST-EZ services to support OpenAPI.

As the REST-EZ service description defines a superset of what a service might want to document through OpenAPI, 
a suggested translation is defined for translating a REST-EZ service description to OpenAPI.

Here is a link to the Microsoft library for converting OData CSDL->OpenAPI, 
which is currently in beta: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.OpenApi.OData/1.0.0-beta4

We are working on updating this library with additional patterns and plan to open source the code.

4.2 Action items upcoming

4.2.1 #0037 Concept for Google Protocol Buffers as a data format Hubert Heijkers 2018-09-27

Nothing noted

4.3 Action items pending

4.3.1 #0036 Register the OData- headers and preferences with IANA Mark Biamonte 2018-07-26

Nothing noted

5. Issues

5.1 Data Aggregation: NEW or OPEN

5.1.1 ODATA-1207 - Clarify need for @odata.id in nested response structures

Ralf: ODATA-1207 is OPEN

Ralf: Check whether known libraries rely on either getting an @id or all key fields

6. Next meetings

Agreed next meetings:

Thursday August 16, 2018 during 8-10 am PDT (17:00-19:00 CEST)
Thursday August 13, 2018 during 8-10 am PDT (17:00-19:00 CEST)

7. AOB and wrap up

F2F in Redmond September 25-28

Meeting adjourned by chair.