Ballot Details: Ballot 02c: new design change + change draft for issue #168 (CLOSED)

Ballot Question Add codeflow.state to capture initial execution state for things like static variables?
Ballot Description Shall the design change be approved, and shall the resulting change draft be approved?

The change draft is referenced in this ballot.

The change draft is for the following issue.

The provisional draft with the changes from all ballots merged is here:


In the codeFlow object:
Add property immutableState of type object with string-valued properties, to hold information like HTTP headers and forms data. That was the initial motivation for this issue.
Add property initialState of type object with string-valued properties (parallel to the existing property graphTraversal.initialState).
In the graphTraversal object:
Add property immutableState of type object with string-valued properties (parallel to the new property codeFlow.immutableState).
In the spec, clarify that threadFlowLocation.state and edgeTraversal.finalState must mention every relevant state variable, even those unchanged since the previous step, because otherwise, if a state variable was present at step n but missing at step n + 1, you couldn't tell if it still existed but its value was unchanged, or if it had gone out of scope.
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Close Date Friday, 22 March 2019 @ 10:00 pm PDT
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