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ebXML Registry will become for the semantic web what web servers are to the web today

Meeting Minutes :  April 20 2004

Attendees : Carl Mattocks, John , Jeff Pollock, Nikola Stojanovic, Evan Wallace,  David Webber
Minutes (just brief bullets not full transcript ) Agenda :

Discuss significance of Ontological Reasoning  for Semantic Content Management


Goal : -Understand significance of Ontological Reasoning

  •  Jeff Pollock lead discussion around use of Ontologies for possible Semantic Web scenarios such as Dynamic Discovery of Registered 'knowledge'.
  • It was posited that 'Owl Ontologies' could be considered registry objects that would be available to clients that perform 'reasoning' tasks.
  • Members agreed that if 'RIM' could be presented as an 'OWL Model' it should be possible to use it for navigation across all the underlying object associations via a loose coupling. 
  • It was agreed that it would be good to know what kind of content is stored in ebXMLRegistry today. Carl noted that the survey that he planned to give members of the FreebxmlRegistry community could gather that type of information.  


Decisions (bullet items) :

Feedback Document containing Use Cases 

  • Team agreed that the Use Cases in the feedback document may need to be revised after  the 'Ontological Reasoning use cases' are produced. Thus distribution to liaision groups will be delayed
Agenda Action Items / Issues (with owner, Due date)
  • Jeff Pollock to produce Ontological Reasoning use cases
  • Carl distribute draft 'user survey' for review.

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