Agenda for March 10, 2022


08:00-09:30 PT
16:00-17:30 UTC

Meeting Audio and Screen Sharing

1. Opening Activities

1.1 Opening comments (Co-Chair Keaton)
1.2 Introduction of participants/roll call (Co-Chair Cartey)
1.3 Procedures for this meeting (Co-Chair Keaton)
1.4 Approval of agenda (Co-Chair Keaton)
1.5 Approval of previous minutes [Minutes of 2022-02-24 Meeting #53] (Co-Chair Keaton)
1.6 Review of action items and resolutions (Secretary Hagen)
1.7 Identification of SARIF TC voting members (Co-Chair Cartey)
1.7.1 Prospective voting members attending their first meeting
1.7.2 Members attaining voting rights at the end of this meeting
1.7.3 Members losing voting rights if they have not joined this meeting by the time it ends
1.7.4 Members who previously lost voting rights who are attending this meeting
1.7.5 Members who have declared a leave of absence

2. Future Meetings

2.1 Future meeting schedule (Co-Chair Keaton)

3. Discussion

3.1 Review recruitment effort to complete the technical committee
3.2 Review status on finalizing SARIF 2.1 errata [List of next steps - github issue #509]
3.3 Review current state of ecosystem ongoing work
3.4 Any continued report/discussion on metrics
3.5 Review crash data proof-of-concept
3.6 Status of Wikipedia page
3.7 Discuss end-to-end results management (including code insights protocol)

4. Other Business

5. Resolutions and Decisions reached (by 10 minutes prior to scheduled meeting end)

5.1 End debate of other issues by 10 minutes prior to scheduled meeting end and follow the agenda from this point (Co-Chair Keaton)
5.2 Review of Decisions Reached (Secretary Hagen)
5.3 Review of Action Items (Secretary Hagen)

6. Next Meeting

March 24, 2022 / 08:00-09:30 PT / 15:00-16:30 UTC (Daylight Savings Time in North America but not Europe)

7. Adjournment