HISC Agenda 2004-06-10 - 15:00UTC (11:00EDT/08:00PDT) - DRAFT

$Date: 2004/06/10 14:41:01 $(UTC)

Table of Contents

1. Roll call and quorum
2. Agenda
3. Minutes of the last meeting
4. Membership
5. Web site
6. Reports of standing committees
7. Outstanding action items
8. Agenda items
8.1. Standing agenda items
8.2. Running agenda items
9. Action items
10. Future meetings
11. Adjournment

1.  Roll call and quorum

So far only two people have requested voting membership on this committee.

Voting members expecting to attend the teleconference:

  • Stephen Green

  • G. Ken Holman (chair)

  • Fabio Arciniegas

Voting members having sent regrets:

  • (none at this time)

Observing members (alphabetical) who may be in attendance at the teleconference:

  • Alan Stitzer

  • Sue Probert

2.  Agenda

Please forward before the meeting any suggestions for agenda changes. This document will be republished repeatedly as new items get added.

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are posted at:

4.  Membership

Would all those interested to become voting or observing members of the committee, but not already on the committee roster please let me know.

Voting members are marked in the roster as "member, voting", while observer members are marked in the roster as "member, non-voting". This allows observer members to actively contribute to the email discussions and have full access to the committee resources on the OASIS web site.

Can anyone be co-chair of this committee? My own work obligations will strain my ability to chair all of the meetings.

5.  Web site

The committee web site (which needs OASIS member password access) is at:

The public web site (no password required) is at:

6.  Reports of standing committees

No standing committees are formed at this time.

7.  Outstanding action items

20040603-Action1 - charter - Ken

  • draft a simple and extensible charter

  • based on Jon's advice at our last teleconference to keep things simple, so I've come up with the following for our

  • the "one-liner" for the committee home page could be very close to what already exists for the FPSC committee:

    • To develop and document formal technology-agnostic specifications for the input and the presentation of UBL information, and to foster implementations of these specifications from industry.

  • nothing has been posted by anyone else regarding other ideas for a charter

20040603-Action2 - bug list- Ken

8.  Agenda items

8.1.  Standing agenda items

For raising at every meeting.

8.2.  Running agenda items

(no agenda items at this time)

9.  Action items

A review of all action items both from before the meeting and established during the meeting.

10.  Future meetings

The next teleconference could be June 17, 2004. but I am not available to chair it. It now looks like I may be June 24, 2004. I am not available July 1 (Canadian holiday) or 8 (travel) and will have difficulty over the next few months running teleconferences.

Remember we should be using the mail list for most of our discussion in order to keep the meetings short.

11.  Adjournment

Meetings will be held to less than an hour's length because of the Software SC teleconference held at the end of the hour.