HISC Minutes 2004-06-24 - 15:00UTC (11:00EDT/08:00PDT) - DRAFT

$Date: 2004/06/24 17:49:15 $(UTC)

Table of Contents

1. Roll call and quorum
2. Agenda
3. Minutes of the last meeting
4. Membership
5. Web site
6. Reports of standing committees
7. Outstanding action items
8. Agenda items
8.1. Standing agenda items
8.2. Running agenda items
9. Action items
10. Future meetings
11. Adjournment

1.  Roll call and quorum

The meeting began at 15:10UTC after waiting for members to arrive.

Voting members in attendance:

  • Stephen Green

  • G. Ken Holman (co-chair)

Voting members absent:

  • Fabio Arciniegas (co-chair)

  • Oriol Bausà-Peris

Observer members in attendance:

  • Ann Hendry

  • Ray Seddigh

2.  Agenda

The agenda was posted to the HISC document repository:

No new items were added to the agenda.

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are posted at:

No one had any changes for the minutes so they were accepted as posted.

4.  Membership

Ray added as an observer.

5.  Web site

OASIS has supplied the short link that was requested.

The committee web site (which needs OASIS member password access) is at:

The public web site (no password required) is at:

6.  Reports of standing committees

No standing committees are formed at this time.

7.  Outstanding action items

20040603-Action1 - charter - Ken

20040603-Action2 - bug list- Ken

8.  Agenda items

8.1.  Standing agenda items

None established at this time.

8.2.  Running agenda items

(no agenda items were added during the meeting)

9.  Action items

20040624-Action1 - Gap analysis: UN Layout Key to UBL - Stephen Green

  • analyze what is missing in the UN Layout Key that is important in UBL

20040624-Action2 - Gap analysis: UBL to UN Layout Key- ???

  • analyze what is missing in UBL that is important in the UN Layout Key

  • can someone volunteer to take this on?

20040624-Action3 - bug list- Ken

  • submit repaired UBL 1.0 formatting specifications when requested by TC

10.  Future meetings

The next teleconference is July 1, 2004. but I (Ken) am not available to chair it and I can confirm that for the months of July, August and September I will have difficulty running teleconferences and will look to Fabio to pick up the ball (thanks, Fabio!). I might make July 15 to give Fabio a break and will keep an eye on my travel schedule to see when else I can do this. Stephen offered to help with co-chairing.

Remember we should be using the mail list for most of our discussion in order to keep the meetings short.

Please try to encourage new membership in the subcommittee ... we are talking about doing exciting things but we don't have the manpower to do much of it at all.

Expected absentees at next meeting:

  • G. Ken Holman

11.  Adjournment

The meeting ended after 58 minutes.