ebXML Requirements List September 4 2002

The folowwing table contains all the requirements currentl identified for future release of the ebXML Mesaging Service

Requirements List

Number Description Notes Type Raised By Release
1 What about dealing with SOAP1.2? We could prepare to have a version compatible with SOAP1.2 when it changes status to PR or REC. That would involve some namespace changes and a change to the HTTP Binding as well as treatment of attachments. Sepcification Chris Ferris 3.0
2 Capture, answer and resolve any question and issues raised against version 2.0 General Ian Jones 3.0
3 The Business interface layer has never been written - do we still need it? Specification Ian Jones 3.0
4 A document to describe the minimum implementation. Documentation Ian Jones 3.0
5 A primer/introduction to the messaging service. Documentation Ian Jones 3.0
6 The IIC TC is producing a conformance test/suite/documentation for version 2.0, the MSG TC will support this work. Documentation Ian Jones 3.0
7 Encryption (encrypt the entire document including MIME headers) Specification David Fischer 3.0
8 Forwarding/Multi-hop (especially with the identified problems with Signatures) Specification David Fischer 3.0
9 Third-Party Processing (Intermediate Timestamps...) Specification David Fischer 3.0
10 Chunking (sending extremely large files in pieces) Specification David Fischer 3.0
11 Now that XML Encryption is a W3C candidate recommendation, we ought to figure out how it is to be used in conjunction with ebMS. Specification Arvola Chan 3.0
12 We also may want to coordinate with the CPP/A team to determine how intermediaries ought to be configured. Specification Arvola Chan 3.0
13 Future releases should be backward compatible to version 2.0. Specification Duane Nickull All
14 Query supportted versions and funcionality - This needs to relate to CPPA discovery may duplicate function but could be usefull in a Web Service framework. Specification Ian Jones 3.0+
15 Include SAML based authentication of MSH's and ebXML message originating parties. Specification Zahid Ahmed 3.0