Requirements Document

OASIS Entity Resolution Technical Committee

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Norman Walsh

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Revision History
Revision 1.0 27 Nov 2000 ndw
Requirements as discussed at the 27 Nov 2000 telcon.
Revision 0.1 28 Aug 2000 ndw
First draft

This document lays out the requirements for developing an XML-based version of [TR 9401:1997].

  1. The catalog must be expressed in XML ([XML]) with a specified namespace ([XML Names]). The namespace name will be provided by OASIS.

  2. The catalog will be defined by an XML DTD and an XML Schema. We may also provide additional schemas.

  3. The catalog must provide the ability to map public identifiers to URIs.

  4. The catalog must provide the ability to map system identifiers to URIs.

  5. When both a public identifier and a system identifier are present, the author of the catalog must be able to express which should be used preferentially.

  6. The catalog must support xml:base ([XML Base]).

  7. The catalog must provide the ability to delegate mapping of classes of public identifiers to alternate catalogs.

  8. The catalog should provide the ability to map stylesheet URIs to alternate URIs.

  9. The catalog should provide the ability to map namespace names to alternate URIs.

  10. Where the functionality of the XML catalogs developed by this Technical Committee is equivalent to functionality provided by TR9401:1997 Catalogs, the semantics must be identical.

  11. The catalog must provide an extension mechanism for experimental additions to the catalog.


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