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* P&L (1st Tue) (Conference Call)
Name * P&L (1st Tue) (Conference Call)
Time Tuesday, 01 July 2014, 05:00pm to 06:00pm WEST
(Tuesday, 01 July 2014, 04:00pm to 05:00pm UTC)

1.  Please join my meeting.

2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.

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Meeting minutes


Lucía, Yves, Bryan, Joachim, DavidF

SOU Survey and Report

Lucia [explains the survey]

DF: So far it looks fine. On the following versions we should modify the survey as Yves suggested (elements and attributes are already covered by schema coverage). We will need to cover Constraints and PRs.
I will have a go on it and add my comments to the present report.
Any other comments on the draft?

It shows the state of the tools at that specific time we collected the SOUs, but things have advanced since then. Both Yves and Bryan added modules support. Do you think do we need to add that information?

YS: I think it is ok as is.

Lucia: I need to add the last “additional comments” section, it contains the information about “future implementations” are going to be undertaken.

DF: if we want to support the spec in the membership ballot we might want to add the new developments, it is up to Yves and Bryan if they want to retake the survey and add more information.

DF: ok. Let’s stay with the data obtained so far, I might talk to Bryan and Yves individually.

Membership vote on cos02

DF: Joachim, do you know your primary representative?

Joachim: It is Eric, I can send him an email.

DF: it will start in about two weeks taking into account the remaining following steps.

DF: I think individual and associate members do not have an invitation to vote. Do you know Yves if that is true?

YS: I think you are right. I am receiving the info but I’ve tried twice to vote on other things and my vote got refused.

DF: Contributing [and sponsor] members can vote.

Lucia: Geneva is not on the list.


AI dF:

Contact Microsoft, IBM and SAP (Christian), SDL, CISCO, ADOBE (no longer a member), Nokia.


AI Bryan:

I will contact the DITA voting members

[BlackBerry, Cisco Systems, Comtech Services, Inc., IBM, Intel Corporation, ISIS Papyrus America Inc., Microsoft, Nokia Corporation, Oracle, PTC, SAP AG, SDL, TELUS, The Boeing Company, US Department of Defense (DoD), Veterans Health Administration][DITA Sponsor members, there are more eligible voters on the TC]

DF: Do you know, Yves, Joachim, if you can contact any other OASIS members?

DF: This is the complete list https://www.oasis-open.org/member-roster


AI dF:

I will make a list of eligible voters. I will create an excel file and distribute through the P&L mailing list that is not public.


AI Joachim:

Blackberry, Dell, HP, Alan Melby (BYU), Peter Reynolds (PSBT), Siemens.

YS: I do not think that I know anybody else.

DF: does anybody know anybody from Alfresco or SDL?

BS: can reach out to Frank Shipley who has contact with Alfresco.

DF: Felix might be able to help here too. He know the W3C AC reps, who happen to be often OASIS reps as well.

Df: Bryan, do you know by heart the ratio for successful vote?

DF: [copy pasted policy] if at least 15 percent of the voting OASIS Membership has voted to approve the proposed standard, and if no votes have been cast to disapprove the proposed standard, it shall become an OASIS Standard immediately following the end of the voting period

if negative votes are cast amounting to less than 25 percent of the votes that have been cast, the TC shall be notified of the negative votes, after which the TC shall have 30 days to take one of the following actions by Resolution of a Special Majority Vote: (a) request the TC Administrator to approve the specification as submitted despite the negative votes; (b) withdraw the submission entirely; or (c) provide a submission amended to address negative votes as noted in section 3.4.4 below. If the originating TC upon notification of negative votes takes no formal action within the 30 days allocated for consideration of the results, then the specification shall not become an OASIS Standard.

BS: We should ask Peter to start attending our meetings during this period; it could not hurt to ask

Joachim: The list and AIs should not be public.

DF: The minutes are not public, the SC list is persistently archived but not publicly exposed. The SC can only get public through the XLIFF TC.

dF: Meeting adjourned

* MeetingMinutes_XLIFF_P&L_20140701.docx (22K)

1. SOU Survey and Report

2. cos02 to OASIS membership ballot

Submitter Dr. David Filip
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