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* 4th Tuesday - Regular XLIFF OMOS TC telecenference (Conference Call)
Name * 4th Tuesday - Regular XLIFF OMOS TC telecenference (Conference Call)
Time Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 05:00pm to 06:00pm WEST
(Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 04:00pm to 05:00pm UTC)

See the private action item for dial in details


Minutes # OMOS 2018-06-26 #

Present: phil (minutes), robert, david, james

Approve minutes from 12/6
rve seconded

df: I can see that chanes were made in the repo
...I updated phil on the change of boolean values to yes/no enumeration
...did you check phil?

pr: no sorry I didn't have a chance

df: the reasons for this change are agreed amongst others

rve: in principle not much difference
...but in programming languages generally bool defaults to false
...but in omos we want default to by `yes`

df: extensions separator is colon
...latest commit refers to addition of lang
...so we haven't yet introduced teh underscore separators

rve: json-ld would try to resolve colon separated names

df: would we use underscore or dash

rve: it does not matter in schema but for implementers?
...in some languages you can reference properties as language identifiers
...strings are dictionary keys

df: AI for Phil to check as an implementer whether dash or underscore are preferable

rve: .NET tends to use underscores
...underscores are used very frequently in wsdl schemas
...I think underscore will be better

df: `annotatorsRef` of its, Robert did you make any progress on this?

rve: Not yet

df: stephen mentioned to approach as an array
...or as a regex
...we agreed on dictionary

rve: I don't recall if the dictionary keys are fixed

df: annotatorsRef can have multiple values where bar separates category and value
...consists of space separated lists of category|string

rve: actually I think I implemented this already
...if you look in the schema at line 867
...pattern is a sequence of characters except space or bar

df: the first part is always teh data category, the string pattern is the same for all values

rve: must be non-empty
...nice and simple

df: yes works well
...domain is the same

rve: I don't think there's much else to do
...toolsAnnotation is done
...lqi is done
...text analysis is done

df: on localization note there is nothing
...terminology we have partially in core
...in core there is sm of type term

rve: I think that is done

df: so we have covered the core but there is also ITS part
...this is its specific
...for full support of terminology
...termConfidence, this is again can be on `sm`

rve: same as taConfidence

df: also mtConfidence

rve: I can move forward with these changes

df: probably you cannot capture that termConfidence requires cooccurance constraint of annotatorsRef must be given

rve: some can be represented but it is limited
...a dependence constraint can be added to the schema

df: so last remaining is mtConfidence

rve: should I start using underscores for modules?

df: please change the version number

## TBX ##
df: TAPICC XLIFF extracion paper will go for public review soon through GALA on 28
...its on GitHub
...it covers a gap

## Next Meeting ##
10th July 2018



A. Admin


1- Roll call


? out of 5 voters:

aprove minutes from 12th June 2018



B. Material




OM wiki needs aligned with current JLIFF structure as per 0.9.7










Consensus on boolean vs a yes/no enumeration restated:


Stick with yes/no enumeration becuase boolean default is false, while XLIFF defaults are yes. 


Previous Consensus restated::

Don't use external context for extensions.

All extension context must be stated inline to avoid parsing external context files..

We also agreed that having a dedicated extension container is more validation friendly than just allowing additional properties on the root structure..

-Continue discussing pros and cons of the extensionsData approach

compare with XML and consider going back and forth between XML and JSON.



Robert: look into mtc:match: Add "domains" to translationCandidatesMatch. 

Robert: remove Tools Annotations from , add to the structural elements (file, group, unit)

Robert: create RegEx for value of annotatorsRef

Robert: Serialize annotatorsRef as an dictionary.

Robert: Serialize domains as a non-zero length array

Next Agenda:  Feedback on prefix solutions

David: Get feedback on the yes|no question




3- TBX Mapping

TBX-Basic mapping is in order, almost done on TBXInfo



C- Other Topics



3- Promotion


Also Phil JLIFF library open sourcing was announced in the GALA week 






GALA TAPICC needs to work on launching JLIFF based Track 2


Will probably launch by end of June


4- AOB


1- Date of next meeting


Tentative 10th July 2018

Submitter Dr. David Filip
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