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* OSLC Domains TC Weekly Meeting (Conference Call)
Name * OSLC Domains TC Weekly Meeting (Conference Call)
Time Thursday, 19 July 2018, 09:30am to 10:00am EDT
(Thursday, 19 July 2018, 01:30pm to 02:00pm UTC)

Metting URl: https://ibm.webex.com/join/jamsden

Chat Room: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/oslc-domains


Jim Amsden: Minutes: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/oslc-domains/event.php?event_id=45861

List of attendees: Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH), Jim Amsden, Mark Schulte (Boeing), Nick Crossley (IBM)

Jim Amsden: Scribe: Jim

Jim Amsden: Minutes approved

Jim Amsden: Missed quorum for the last two meetings.

Jim Amsden: Action: jim will check on impact on voting rights

Jim Amsden: Agenda:

Jim Amsden: RM is in public review CM CS01 is done - ready to poll for statements of use Submit AM for public review Decide on how to handle ReSpec conformance clauses.

Jim Amsden: Nick asked if there are any issues promoting CM to OASIS standard before core

Jim Amsden: OASIS TAB indicated an OASIS standard can have normative references to other documents that are not OASIS standards and that is up to the TC to determine what references are suitable or not.

Jim Amsden: Action: Jim to post requests for CM statements of use on domains and core TC mailing lists and to companies who are known to have implemented CM 2.0 (based on open-services.net/software

Jim Amsden: If we can get 3 acceptable statements of use, then we can begin the process of moving CM 3.0 to OASIS standard

Jim Amsden: Action: Jim to explore eclipse/Lyo OSLC core and CM 3.0 sample implementation to see if it could be updated to the current specification content and be used as a reference implementation for an additional, 3.0 specific statement of use.

Jim Amsden: We previously had a discussion with the OSLC MS StC about using existing OSLC 2.0 implementations as statements of use for the emerging OASIS standards

Jim Amsden: the StC accepted this approach as valid

Jim Amsden: What are the minimum requirements for acceptance of a statement of use?

Jim Amsden: Action: Jim to ask Chet to see what the minimum requirements OASIS might have.

Jim Amsden: Action: Jim to send a note to the mailing list indicating three documents that are now ready for TC review and AM is ready for public review

Jim Amsden: Proposal: I move that the TC approve OSLC Architecture Management Specification Version 2.1 and all associated artifacts packaged together in https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/oslc-domains/download.php/63176/oslc-am-csprd01.zip as a Committee Specification Draft, designate the HTML version of the document as authoritative, and for 30 days public review.

Jim Amsden: +1

Mark Schulte (Boeing): +1

Nick Crossley (IBM): Seconded

Nick Crossley (IBM): +1

Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH): +1



Weekly meeting to facilitate migration of OSLC 2.x domain specifications from open-services.net to OASIS. This meeting follows the OSLC Core TC meeting.

Submitter Mr. James Amsden
GroupOASIS OSLC Lifecycle Integration for Domains (OSLC Domains) TC
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