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* OSLC Domains TC Weekly Meeting (Conference Call)
Name * OSLC Domains TC Weekly Meeting (Conference Call)
Time Thursday, 25 October 2018, 09:30am to 10:00am EDT
(Thursday, 25 October 2018, 01:30pm to 02:00pm UTC)

Metting URl: https://ibm.webex.com/join/jamsden

Chat Room: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/oslc-domains


Jim Amsden: Previous Minutes: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/oslc-domains/event.php?event_id=45877

Jim Amsden: Scribe: Jim

Jim Amsden: Minutes approved

Jim Amsden: We did actually have quorum last week and do again this week.

Jim Amsden: Agenda * AM CS01 published * QM updates * Automation

Jim Amsden: AM CS01 not actually published yet, but should be done anytime.

Jim Amsden: We discussed remaining edits to QM spec

Jim Amsden: Noted that the open-services.net QM 2.0 specs, the shapes tables were created by hand, there were not Turtle files that were used to generate the tables.

Jim Amsden: Als ResourceShapes spec was being written at the same time.

Jim Amsden: QM turtle files came from IBM's RQM implementation with tool specific content removed.

Jim Amsden: Action: Gray to compare the QM 2.1 generated ReSpec generated tables from the resource shapes Turtle file with the tables in the QM 2.0 spec and note the differences.

Jim Amsden: There are already some differences in Core 3.0 and CM 3.0. For example, oslc:contributor has range AnyResource in 2.0 and foaferson in 3.0.

Jim Amsden: In this case, the QM 2.1 spec would keep the more general range in order to avoid introducing incompatibilities.

Jim Amsden: There may be other cases where there are mistakes in the QM 2.0 shapes tables that were corrected in the implementation, and as we got more experience with ResourceShapes.

Jim Amsden: We will need to examine these to ensure the vocabulary and shape Turtle files are compatible with QM 2.0 while fixing any obvious errors.


Weekly meeting to facilitate migration of OSLC 2.x domain specifications from open-services.net to OASIS. This meeting follows the OSLC Core TC meeting.

Submitter Mr. James Amsden
GroupOASIS OSLC Lifecycle Integration for Domains (OSLC Domains) TC
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