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* OpenC2 Working Meeting (4th Wednesday) (Conference Call) cancelled
Name * OpenC2 Working Meeting (4th Wednesday) (Conference Call) cancelled
Time Wednesday, 22 December 2021, 11:00am to 12:00pm EST
(Wednesday, 22 December 2021, 04:00pm to 05:00pm UTC)

This is the Kavi calendar item for the fourth Wednesday of each month routine working meeting.   
Standing agenda:

  1. Introduction
  2. Pull Requests for Agreement
  3. Draft Pull Requests for Discussion
  4. Special Topics
  5. Work Product Status/Next Steps
  6. Any Other Business

Specific agenda for individual meetings will be in Lucid Meetings.

NOTE: this meeting series is being scheduled Nov '21 - Mar '22, as its predecessor series was already scheduled through October (i.e., the October 27th, 2021, fourth Wednesday meeting is already on the calendar in both Kavi and Lucid).

Submitter David Lemire
GroupOASIS Open Command and Control (OpenC2) TC
Access This event is visible to OASIS Open Command and Control (OpenC2) TC and shared with
  • OASIS Open (General Membership)
  • General Public

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