OASIS HumanMarkup TC

The original Call For Participation for this TC may be found at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/200108/msg00000.html

The charter for this TC is as follows.


HumanMarkup Technical Committee

Statement of Purpose

The HumanMarkup Technical Committee is set forth to develop and promote the Human Markup Language and related efforts. These recommendations function to allow the conveyance of human characteristics through XML.

HumanML is set forth to be an XML Schema and RDF Schema specification, containing sets of modules which frame and embed contextual human characteristics including cultural, social, kinesic, psychological, and intentional features within conveyed information.

Other efforts within the scope of the HumanMarkup TC include messaging, style, alternate schemas, constraint mechanisms, object models, and repository systems, which will address the overall concerns of both representing and amalgamating human information within data.

The result will be proposed specifications which have the potential to reduce human misinterpretation and allow much deeper human expression. Applications include, but are not limited to Virtual Reality, Conflict Resolution, Psychotherapy, Art, Workflow, Advertising Systems, Cultural Dialogue, Diplomatic Communication, Business Negotiation, and various other disciplines and functions.

The website for previous work is located at http://www.humanmarkup.org. It contains the work done-to-date of the following documents, including:

Website & related information
First Draft Schema (XML and RDF)
Various Diagrams, explanatory documents
Examples of HumanML

The archive for previous discussion can be found on

List of Deliverables

HumanMarkup Class Hierarchy -- 09/30/01
HumanMarkup Executive Whitepaper Working Draft -- 10/30/01
HumanMarkup Technical Whitepaper Working Draft -- 10/30/01
HumanML_Write/Editor Application beta -- 10/30/01
HumanMarkup HumanML-XML Schema Modules beta -- 10/30/01
HumanMarkup Constraints/Genre Document -- 11/15/01
HumanMarkup HumanML-RDF Schema Modules beta -- 11/30/01
HumanMarkup Human.Frameworks Specification -- 11/30/01
HumanMarkup Messaging Specification -- 11/30/01
HumanML_Messaging Application beta -- 11/31/01
HumanMarkup Style Best Practices -- 12/31/01
HumanMarkup Human.Repository Specification -- 12/31/01