OASIS Lexicographic Infrastructure Data Model and API (LEXIDMA) Technical Committee

This page lists the OASIS members currently on this TC's publicly-visible membership roster.

Person Organization Role
Mark NixonEmerson Process ManagementMember
David FilipFaculty of Informatics Masaryk UniversityMember
Vojtech KovarFaculty of Informatics Masaryk UniversityMember
Michal MechuraFaculty of Informatics Masaryk UniversityVoting Member
Adam RambousekFaculty of Informatics Masaryk UniversityMember
Patrick DurusauIndividualMember
Tomaz ErjavecJozef Stefan InstituteChair
Iztok KosemJozef Stefan InstituteMember
Simon KrekJozef Stefan InstituteVoting Member
Milos JakubicekLexical Computing CZ s.r.o.Member
John McCraeNational University of Ireland GalwayVoting Member
Carole TiberiusStichting Instituut voor de Nederlandse TaalVoting Member
David FilipTrinity College Dublin (ADAPT)Secretary