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TC Process Requirements
A. Documentation of Published Subjects

Latest version
- February 22, 2001.
Bernard Vatant

Status of this document : Approved by TC vote - February 22, 2002

The following are the "shall, should and may" for PubSubj TC deliverable:
1. Documentation of Published Subjects - Requirements and Recommendations

#1 The TC SHALL provide recommendations for the documentation of published subjects.

#2 The TC SHALL use accurate terminology on published subjects, in conformance with ISO 13250. As necessary it will introduce new terminology consistent with this specification, but any significant modification or extension of terminology SHALL be submitted to, and made in coordination with, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34.

In particular, the TC SHALL clarify the nature of and relationships between the following concepts:

  • subject
  • subject indicator
  • subject identifier
  • published subject
  • published subject indicator
  • published subject identifier
  • published subject documentation set

#3 The TC SHALL make recommendations for both syntactic form and content of published subject documentation sets.

#4 The TC SHALL establish a means for the publisher of published subject documentation to indicate his/her intention to maintain it available and stable.

#5 The TC SHALL make recommendations regarding the interpretation of the URIs used as published subject identifiers.

#6 The recommendations for published subject documentation SHALL include a mechanism whereby the publisher specifies which URIs shall be used a
s published subject identifiers.

#7 The TC SHALL establish best practices for modularizing published subject documentation.

#8 The TC SHALL NOT define a centralized mechanism for discovery of published subjects.

#9 The TC SHOULD establish a means to indicate the identity of the publisher of a published subject documentation set, including the relationship between the publisher and the published subjects.

#10 The mechanism by which URIs are used published subject identifiers
SHOULD be designed to promote interoperability between topic maps and other standards and specifications such as RDF.

#11 The TC MAY establish a means to indicate the way in which a published subject indicator is intended to be interpreted as indicating the nature of a subject.