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Meeting Minutes : 2002-03-14 Seattle
Review and Publication: Bernard Vatant
Release: March 18, 2001.

The meeting was hosted in Boeing facilities in Renton (thanks to Scott Tsao) from 9.30 to 1.30 pm
Call-in session from 10.30 to 11.45 - Break for lunch from 11.45 to 12.45

Attending voting members:
Lars Marius Garshol, Jim Mason, Steve Pepper, Hans Holger Rath,
Mary Nishikawa, Suellen Stringer-Hye, Scott Tsao, Bernard Vatant.

Have called in during the meeting:
Peter Flynn, Michael Priestley

Eamonn Neylon

Invited guests:
Patrick Durusau (Society of Biblical Literature), Eric Freese (Isogen), Sam Hunting (eTopicality),
Motomu Naito (Synergy Incubate), Michelle Raymond (Honeywell)

1. Attendance and Membership

  • Lars Marius Garshol prospective membership period of 60 days being over, he is welcome as a new TC voting member. With the resignation of Francis McCabe, the number of voting members is now 11.
  • Michael Priestley is prospective member until the end of March.
  • Murray Altheim has sent no news since he left Sun Microsystems to join Open University, England in late January. Technically, he does not seem to be an OASIS member anymore. His TC membership is therefore to be clarified.

2. Technical work

The document for first deliverable is the basis for this meeting's work.
The version 0.4 is under discussion. Modifications and questions will appear in version 0.5

  • Section 3 - Glossary: After review, some minor vocabulary clarifications are made.

  • Section 4 - Focus of debate is on global structure of PS Doc, and definition of metadata.
    • The question of definition of a PS Doc extension, and recommended scope of use, is open but not settled.
      Has this definition to be recommended at all, and if yes, does it have to be declared at PS Doc level or in each separate PS Indicator?
    • It is decided that the needed metadata for PS Doc and PS Indicators will be expressed independently of any standard and syntax, and that use of Dublin Core elements will be recommended in a separate section.
    • Use cases where PS Doc is built from aggregation of various sources are considered as very likely, and considering those practices as conform to the recommendations rule out any requirements for PS Doc as a URI namespace. Such use cases also bring issues concerning publishing authority, copyright, trust, source stability.

  • Section 5 - Consensus is achieved on the fact that the recommended formats will be XTM, RDF and XHTML.
    Debate is to know if for each of those formats, specific requirements will be set, or simply best practices.
    A majority of TC members think that such specifc syntax requirements are needed to ensure interoperability.

6. Next meetings

XML Europe 2002, Barcelone, May 24

Conference Calls:
April 23 - 15:00 - 17:00 UTC
June 25 - 15:00 - 17:00 UTC