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Meeting Minutes : 2002-05-24 : F2F Barcelona (9:00-12:00)
Meeting Secretary, Review and Publication: Bernard Vatant
Release: 2002, May 27.

Attending Members
Bernard Vatant, James David Mason, Mary Nishikawa, Holger Rath, Steve Pepper, Thomas Bandholtz.

Invited Guests
Patrick Durusau, Motomu Naïto.

Welcome - Membership Status

Thomas Bandholtz's 60 day prospective member status is over. He is welcome as TC voting member.

Discussion of proposed agenda

Steve Pepper proposes a general discussion on what are the minimal Requirements and Recommendations for PSI, before going back to the discussion on Deliverable 1. There is a general agreement on this proposal.

Discussion of PSI minimal Requirements and Recommendations

After discussion, the following list of two requirements and three recommendations is agreed upon.
Note that Requirement #1 allows URNs to be PSIs. Issue raised: what is the Subject Indicator in that case?

  • Requirements
    1. A Published Subject Identifier must be an URI.
    2. When a Published Subject Identifier is an URL, it must resolve to an human interpretable Published Subject Indicator.

  • Recommendations
    1. A Published Subject Indicator should provide some way to identify its publisher.
    2. Other metadata (than the publisher) may be specified (list of such metadata TBE)
    3. The Published Subject Indicator should either have a machine-processable structure, or link to a resource providing machine-processable expression of assertions about the subject (or both)

    Recommendation #3 means e.g. the Subject Indicator is an XHTML file, and formal assertions concerning the subject are contained in an annex XTM file.

Structure and Constituents of Deliverable 1

There is a consensus among present members that, in order to deliver the first recommendation as soon as possible, and given the number of pending issues on "PSDoc" deliverable, it would be relevant to split this deliverable into two parts, the first one dealing with Vocabulary, Concepts, General Requirements and Recommendations, and the second one dealing with the specific issues of Published Subject Documentation.

  • "Published Subjects : General Concepts, Requirements and Recommendations" would contain the following :
    - Primer (gentle introduction)
    - Requirements and Recommendations as defined in above section
    - Example
    - Definitions (when needed) or/and references to ISO 13250, glossary (if necessary)
    - Generic (paradigmatic) PSIs

  • "Documentation of Published Subjects : Requirements and Recommendations"
    This part would be put on the backburner till the first one is delivered.

Given the importance of this decision, although the meeting has a quorum majority to take it, it is decided that it will be submitted to further e-mail discussion and vote, so that every TC member will be able to express on it before final adoption.

Discussion of Example

  • The introductory example should be non-recursive, easy to understand, and addressing the fundamental issues (identity vs names, multilingual names ...) "Oranges and Apples" is chosen.
  • The PS Indicators for the example presentation will be expressed in XHTML, and annex XTM file will contain formal assertions about the subjects.
  • PS Identifiers schema. Consensus on recommending for URLs the use of a namespace with the psi prefix, allowing quick identification by search engines, e.g. http://psi.mydomain.org/... Different further possibilities are discussed (list below), as well as issues raised by use of fragment identifiers or data base queries. Debate to be continued.
  • There is a consensus that the URI should carry some clues helping human use, i.e. to identify the subject "apple", "http://psi.fruits.org/fruits.html#apple" is more recommended than "http://psi.fruits.org/foo.html#bar"


Linked issues are pointed, to be discussed later, including language management and character encoding

Road Map - Home Work

  • Bernard will submit the new deliverable structure to TC vote,
    and propose a draft for the new General Recommendation.
  • Steve will propose a draft XHTML for the example "Apples and Oranges"
  • Lars Marius will ask OASIS for the use of psi.oasis-open.org for publication of PSIs (on behalf of the three TCs PubSubj, XMLvoc and GeoLang)
  • Deadline for the first "new" deliverable : August 2002 (Montréal Extreme Markup)
  • Deadline for PSDoc deliverable postponed to December 2002

Next Meetings

  • Next Conference Call : June 25, 15:00 - 15:45 UTC
    Discussion about relevancy of keeping conference-calls at all. Although they are expensive and not highly productive, they provide deadlines pushing to work, and allow people not able to travel to attend meetings.
    Reducing co-call time from 2 hours to 45' is a trade-off.
  • Next F2F meeting In Montréal after Extreme Markup. Provisional date August 10.
    Request from Mary : having the meetings during the conference, instead of after, would reduce the cost and length of travel. Steve's remark is that conference's schedule is often very loaded for most TC members who are also conference speakers.