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Meeting Minutes : 2002-06-25 : Conference call (15:00-15:45 UTC)
Meeting Secretary, Review and Publication: Bernard Vatant
Release: 2002, June 27.

Attending Members
Bernard Vatant, Lars Marius Garshol, Mary Nishikawa, Holger Rath, Steve Pepper, Michael Priestley

Thomas Bandholtz, Suellen Stringer-Hye, Peter Flynn, Jim Mason, Eamonn Neylon

Invited Guest
Don Smith (Isogen International)

Approval of proposed agenda

  • Deliverable Structure and Titles
  • Example "Apples and Oranges"

Structure and Constituents of Deliverables

The new proposal for structure of deliverables is:

1 : Published Subjects : Definitions, Requirements and Examples
2 : Recommendations for PSI Documentation Structure
3 : Recommendations for PSI Management
4 : Recommendations for PSI Use

  • Consensus on that structure.
  • Having "conditional requirements" in Parts 2,3,4 is left anyway open, as well as renaming of those parts.
  • Bernard will publish the new deliverable structure ASAP

Discussion of Deliverable 1 Contents

Consensus on the proposed structure

  • Primer or "gentle introduction"
  • Definitions or/and references to ISO 13250
  • General Requirements and Recommendations
  • Example

Generic "paradigmatic" PSIs will be discussed later on and will not belong to Deliverable 1.

Discussion of Steve Pepper's Example "Apples and Oranges"

  • XTM syntax for Subject Indicator, as proposed in section 2.3 is judged too complex and still raising too many issues to be used as introductory example. Such example and correlative issues are pushed further to Deliverable 2.
  • Proposal is made by Steve to include an example of RDF use of the example PSIs.
  • Issue of human-interpretable strings for URIs is raised by Lars Marius ... Unfortunately the co-call time is over in the middle of his arguments. Debate to be continued through e-mail ...