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TC Members - an overview
Updated : December 18, 2002

1. Founding members (TopicMaps.Org meeting - Montréal, August 18, 2001)
  • Steve Pepper - OASIS individual member
    Steve is CEO of Ontopia. He has a 15 years experience in structured information systems with a particular focus on publishing and on reference works publishers in particular. He has made and continues to make significant contributions as one of the leaders of the topic map community. He's editor of the XTM specification, and Marketing Officer in the new OASIS Topic Maps Member Section.
  • H. Holger Rath - OASIS individual member
    Holger is Director Research & Development at empolis GmbH - a Germany based company providing premium products and services for content management and knowledge management. He started at STEP Electronic Publishing Solutions GmbH - a company acquired by empolis - in 1996 as senior consultant and project manager and headed the consulting department from 1998-2001.
    He represents Germany in the ISO standards committee which is responsible for SGML, DSSSL, HyTime, and Topic Maps. He is co-editor of the new ISO standards initiative TMQL (Topic Map Query Language).

2. Voting members

  • James David Mason - OASIS individual member
    Jim has 20 years of background work in standards and specifications, and is among others:
    Chair of the ISO committee ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34, responsible for ISO 13250, the Topic Maps specification.
    President of International SGML/XML Users' Group
    Technical Officer for TopicMaps.Org OASIS Member Section

  • Peter Flynn - OASIS individual member
    Peter has been using and designing information systems since the 1970s and was an early adopter of SGML and LaTeX. In addition to his work for Silmaril, Peter works for UCC, where he introduced SGML in 1988 and the Web in 1991. He is the author of two books on HTML, SGML, and XML.
    ... More at http://imbolc.ucc.ie/~pflynn/
  • Eamonn Neylon - OASIS individual member
    Eamonn has worked in both the publishing and software development industries. During eight years with the Thomson Corporation, he developed several innovative systems for publishing on the Internet. He then joined a software developer where he oversaw several software maintenance releases and created the Lynkbase metadata management system. More recently he has been engaged in rights management activities.
    ... More at http://www.manifestsolutions.com/about.html
  • Mary Nishikawa - OASIS individual member
    Mary is Technical Editor & EDMS Support at Schlumberger K. K. http://www.connect.slb.com/
    She promotes the use of structured documentation, introduces new technologies to management, and works on alpha, beta tests, etc. She enjoys working on DTD development and has been studying the W3C schema.She also has an interest in classification and management of information. She was previously a research biochemist and technical editor in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Suellen Stringer-Hye (TC secretary) - OASIS individual member
    Systems Librarian for Public Services at Jean and Alexander Heard Library, Vanderbilt University.
    Focus interests : Use a consensus building approach to technology development and implementation for information and knowledge management and delivery. Produce consistent achievements in cutting edge delivery of library information and knowledge resources. Dedicated to the importance of inquiry in human development ...
    ... More at : http://staffweb.library.vanderbilt.edu/libtech/stringer/
  • Michael Priestley - IBM
    Michael is an information developer for the IBM Toronto Software Development Laboratory. He's one of the main developers of IBM Darwin Information Typing Architecture. He is author of numerous papers on subjects such as hypertext navigation, singlesourcing, and interfaces to dynamic documents.
  • Thomas Bandholtz - OASIS individual member
    Thomas works as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager for SchlumbergerSema, formerly Sema Group.
    He is also head of the SchlumbergerSema internal XML Network. He has been working on XML-based Thesauri and Gazetteers since years, using Topic Maps since 2000. Currently he is managing a R&D project developing a governmental Portal within the scope of environmental protection in Germany.
  • Vivian Bliss - Microsoft
    Vivian is working for Microsoft as a Semantic Libraries Architect, and for Natural User Interface Solutions.
  • Don Smith - Isogen International
    is the Manager of Curriculum Development for the training group at ISOGEN International ...[more]

3. Prospective members:

The three following are prospective members since Baltimore meeting (2002 December 13).

  • Eric Freese - LexisNexis
    Eric Freese is a consulting software engineer with LexisNexis. He has nearly 15 years of experience in the area of document, information, and knowledge management with specific expertise in the development and implementation of XML technologies. He is a founding member of TopicMaps.Org, the organization that developed the XTM specification. He is also the chief architect and developer of SemanText, an open source application that uses topic maps to harvest and manage knowledge.

  • Motomu Naito - Synergy Incubate
    Director of Synergy Incubate Inc. Received bachelor of engineering in electronic engineering from Aichi Institute of Technology. Related to SGML and XML document sharing/exchanging on the WEB for many years. Recently engaging in several Topic Maps projects. Interested in knowledge representation, knowledge processing, knowledge management etc. Member of ISO/IEC SC34, IEEE and ACM.

  • Patrick Durusau - Society of Biblical Litterature
    Patrick Durusau is the Director of Research and Development for the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). His primary research interests include the use of XML for the encoding and analysis of biblical and Ancient Near Eastern texts.

4. They've been here:

The following people have contributed to TC work, but are no more TC members

  • Murray Altheim
    Murray was one of the first editors of the XTM 1.0 specification, and has been one TC founding member in Montréal, August 2001. Murray was working at Sun Microsystems at the time. He has participated to the TC work until January 2002, when he moved to be a student again, preparing a Ph.D at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.
  • Ted Cooper
    Ted is Senior Software Engineer at Cohesia.
    Joined in October 200.
    Resignated in January 2002, out of lack of bandwidth to participate.
  • Scott Tsao - The Boeing Company
    Scott is an Information Systems Architect of The Boeing Company. He facilitates Boeing-wide adoption of XML-based standards and technologies and is the originator of an XML community of practice at Boeing. Scott also teaches XML at the University of Washington and serves as an XML education and training consultant at Boeing.
    Resignated in April 2002, out of change in job responsibilty.

5. They have asked to participate:

The following people have requested to participate, but are not yet eligible (OASIS membership pending)

  • Michel Biezunski and Steven R. Newcomb
    Michel and Steve are the "historical fathers" of Topic Maps.
    They are working together at Coolheads Consulting http://www.coolheads.com
    Most of their work on Topic Maps is to be found at http://www.topicmaps.net
  • Frehiwot Fisseha
    Frehiwot is Information Management Specialist at AGRIS/CARIS and Documentation Unit
    Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations http://www.fao.org/agris
    She's been working towards introducing in this framework Topic Maps solutions for documentation and multilingual thesaurus management, and is looking forward to development of Published Subjects for Food & Agriculture.