Joinery-oriented formatting specification for UBL Despatch Advice instances

Author: G. Ken Holman
Date: $Date: 2003/02/10 22:17:27 $(UTC)

Copyright © 2003 OASIS

Table of contents

1 Despatch advice formatting specification
1.1 Status
1.2 Example renderings and implementations
1.3 Layout order and information
1.4 Namespaces

1: Despatch advice formatting specification

This formatting specification describes a rendering of an instance of the UBL Despatch Advice document model according to a conceptual joinery-oriented layout.

For a list of all formatting specifications and an overview of the documentation conventions, please visit the formatting specification home page.

1.1: Status

This specification has no formal status at this time. It should not be considered a reference interpretation of UBL documents. Feedback is sought from users of stylesheets that implement this formatting specification regarding suggestions for change for consideration by the OASIS UBL committees for incorporation into these formatting specifications.

Presentational semantics may never be formalized or normative in the UBL project due to differing international requirements and conventions for the presentation of information found in business documents.  This document contains only examples from a few of what will probably be many available UBL stylesheet libraries.

1.2: Example renderings and implementations

Example renderings:

Note the above examples are produced using Crane's XSLT and XSL-FO stylesheets. The HTML and XSL-FO are created by running the Saxon XSLT processor The PDF is created by running the Antenna House XSL Formatter Version 2.3 (with their gracious permission) to produce PostScript from XSL-FO and GhostScript AFPL to distill PDF from the PostScript.

Example implementations:

These implementations must not be considered as reference implementations of UBL formatting specifications or as normative components of the UBL delivery; they are merely examples from what will probably be many available UBL stylesheet libraries.

1.3: Layout order and information

Items in this formatting specification are ordered roughly from the laid out fields on the form in the order left-to-right, top to bottom.

Important: the rendering of a number of fields is very simplified, reflecting a Western European interpretation of a subset of fields (as in names and addresses). User requirements need to be better understood for the level of granularity in these stylesheets.

1.4: Namespaces

The following namespaces are mapped to the prefixes in the expressions below:

Joinery-oriented formatting specification for UBL Despatch Advice instances
G. Ken Holman
Copyright © 2003 OASIS
$Date: 2003/02/10 22:17:27 $(UTC)