Formatting specifications for UBL Order Cancellation instances

$Date: 2003/11/03 22:27:57 $(UTC)

Table of Contents

1. Order cancellation formatting specifications
2. Status

1.  Order cancellation formatting specifications

One formatting specification is a work in progress at this time, with a link to a sample rendition:

For a list of all formatting specifications and an overview of the documentation conventions, please visit the formatting specification home page.

2.  Status

These specifications have no formal status at this time. It should not be considered a reference interpretation of UBL documents. Feedback is sought from users of stylesheets that implement these formatting specifications regarding suggestions for change for consideration by the OASIS UBL committees for incorporation into future versions.

Presentational semantics may never be formalized or normative in the UBL project due to differing international requirements and conventions for the presentation of information found in business documents. This document contains only examples from a few of what will probably be many available UBL stylesheet libraries.