LCSC Minutes from Face to Face

UBL LCSC Face to Face Meeting

Dates: June 3 - 7, 2002 Location: Mineapolis, MN

Monday - June 3, 2002

Attendees: (for LCSC only) Tim McGrath (chair), Ray Seddigh, Bill Meadows, Leo Obrst, Garrett Minikowa, Stig Korsgaard, Lisa Seaburg, Sue Probert, Jean Luc, Mike Adcock, Frank Thome, Peter Yim, Marion Royal, Michael Roytman, Bob Glushko, Alan Stitzer, Garrett Minikowa, Chris Doyle, Peter Benson, Sandeep Singal, Lisa Carnahan, John Barkley.

Started in the morning we had the plenary (see Plenary notes), then the group got together to set up work plan for the week.

We had a Ontology Tutorial at the lunch break. This was very interesting, key point to come out of this is: are there tools for us to use to bring these ideas into our work. The discussion on Ontology is very abstract. Our feelings generally seemed to be that 1) it is important and 2) that it could slow us down without tools. Peter and Leo are to write a position paper.

Tuesday - June 4, 2002

Morning Session

Ontology: Discussion on Semantics - Leo and Peter helped us go through what we were discussing on Monday during the tutorial on Ontology.

Afternoon Joint Session with NDR SC

Discussion about the automation of the spreadsheets into XML schema. The hows and whys of the facets information being kept in the spreadsheets. The source or Master is the spreadsheet, until a better tool comes along it is where all of the master information is kept. We will need to keep some of the XSD information within the spreadsheet, not the most ideal way, but its what we have today.

Wednesday - June 5, 2002

Morning Session

Disposition of Comments

Discussion about using our time took place this morning. We have been discussing the Ontology with Peter, we also have the UDEF discussion going on. Is it condusive to us now to continue these discussions. We have so much work ahead of us, at some point there is a line that we need to draw so we do not get distracted from the work.

Afternoon Session

Joint Meeting with X12 XML Naming and Design Rules

Discussion points:

LCSC Comments Discussion Continuation

See the disposition list above for all final disposition on the comments as we worked through them.

Thursday - June 6, 2002

Morning Session

Finish going through the Comments document.

There was discussion on Comment 61, duration. ACORD has some very strong ideas about how this should be handled. Gunther, Mike and Alan will be doing further research on this.

Total of 72 comments.

11 deferred back to Gunther

We deferred Martin Bryants comments until the CCTS stabilizes the CCTs. All of his comments go back to the use of the CCTs.

Discussion of Methodology

Thoughts from the discussion:

More discussion points:

ACTION ITEM: Tim and Bob write up the draft of the methodology document. We put together an outline to help get it started.

Afternoon Session:

Context Drivers Joint Meeting

We met with the Context Drivers working group. Discussion of how we are going to go about making a start with this. The first deliverable being making a stab at the first list of context drivers.

Idea is using current schema and use that to develop something that will show how the mechanism works.

Friday - June 7, 2002

Future Work Plan.

Closing Plenary

Summary of LCSC Work

Disposition of Comments:

Closing Plenary

Work Plan for LCSC

Work Plan for NDRSC

The NDR group will have their work done by the end of the year. They will be integrating further into the Library Content group over that time. All of the work they have done, needs to come to the LCSC. We are so tightly coupled we need more joint work.

The LCSC needs to read the Dates Times paper from Gunther. This answers some of the questions we have been struggling with.

There had originally been a suggestion that when NDR is done, that group become a sort of QA for the LCSC. This will be discussed.

Context Methodology

The group meet this week. They discussed Use Cases. TAAT, Paella, Schematron.

Proposals were brought up. They had several....get papers.

This is enormous.


Context Drivers SC

Met during the week to determine the scope of its effort in relation to the other relevant SCs and also to gather volunteers.


Next Face to Face probably in Boston?? There will be further work on this.