UBL LCSC Minutes

Tuesday - July 9, 2002

Attendees: Tim McGrath (chair), Bill Meadows, Lisa Seaburg, Terry Schager, Ron Schuldt, Debbie Quezadaz, Monica Martin, Joe Chuisano, Sue Probert, Gunther Stuhec, Ray Seddigh.

1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes - Joe Chuisano volunteered

2. Acceptance of previous minutes - Minutes from last 4 weeks accepted as amended, since we had quorum

3. Action arising from previous meeting

4. Work plan

5. Requirements for tools and techniques

6. Reports on status of other UBL subcommittees

7. Reports on status of other related projects

8. Scheduling

Tim - planned to issue a new review package by end of July - would include new version of library (spreadsheet model and schema) and better documentation (methodology and position papers)

We are reasonably on target if we can complete some of the housekeeping jobs

Starting next week - can apply "global QA" - editing team (see above - Lisa, Sue, etc.) will do this

Lisa - ok - editing team can perform that role

Tim - can afford some slippage on deadline, but best if we try ti keep to it.

He also needs to inform UBL liaison committee that a package is on the way for review

9. Other Business - None

10. Next meeting - Next Tuesday, 16 July 2002, same telephone and conference numbers.