UBL-LCSC Meeting (Conference Call)

 Tuesday 27 November 9:00 - 10: a.m. EST



Attendees: Tim McGrath (Chair) - Marion Royal (minutes), Sue Probert (for the first 15 minutes), Lisa Seaburg, Arofan Gregory, Gunther Stuhec, Peter Yim, Mark Crawford




1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes.


     A quorum is not present.  All proposals suggested during this call will be subject to approval by mail list.


     Marion Royal is to take minutes


2. Acceptance of previous minutes


     Tim pointed out that we overlooked the acceptance on the previous call, so the proposal is to accept the minutes from the previous two calls.



3. Reports on status of work teams

  Team 1 OrderHeader and OrderSummary (Marion)


Marion has entered much of the OrderSummary information into the spreadsheet and has examined the scope of the OrderHeader.


Marion reported difficulty with several aspects of entering the xCBL into the spreadsheet.  Specifically, he noted problems with the subjectively of context assignment as well as appropriate assignment of the dictionary names (object class, property, and representation).


Tim acknowledged that the context is rather difficult at this stage and suggests that we proceed with our "best guess" with the understanding that this is only the first pass and that we will look to the other subcommittees for additional guidance and assistance.  The assignment of dictionary names is easier for those more knowledgeable with xCBL and suggested to use the drafts of the naming and rules SC as a guide.  In addition, Sue said that she had been in discussion with several subject matter experts who could assist in this area. 


This led to a sidebar discussion of OASIS membership and qualifications of previous contributors to ebXML.  Sue will follow up with Tim on this.


Marion also indicated a problem in dealing with attributes and their appropriate representation in the spreadsheet. (Note: Sorry, but the minute taker is still a little unclear with the responses received.)


Team 2 BaseItemDetail    (Peter)


Peter reports that his team met and kickoff with four persons, Lisa, Arofan, Adam, and Peter.  Sallie Chan has also checked in.  They have divided the work into 2 groups.  Peter has received the xCBL 3 compilation and the text from Mark Crawford and is in the process of digesting.


Team 3 DeliveryDetail and PricingDetail (Gunther)


Gunther made a false start with packaging detail, but moved quickly into "delivery and pricing"detail.  Using XML Spy, he has developed an example schema from the xCBL. He has also created the elements and BIAs. Tim asked whether this had been coordinated with the tools SC.


Arofan joined the conference call around this timeframe and Gunther repeated his

accomplishments.  Arofan suggested that Gunther should send his output to the full mail list and was interested in using Gunther's approach to spark the tools and techniques discussion.


5. Reports on status of other UBL subcommittees were provided.


6. Approved Work plan - any amendments required.


Discussion over an obvious one week slippage evolved into a proposal of a two week extension.


If there is no disagreement on the mail list, the work plan with be amended as such.  Tim stated that an extension of the next deliverable did not necessarily equal a change

to the end state.


7. Other Business


Further discussion of the xCBL use of "Other = String" to allow for extension of enumerated codes concluded with the proposal that for this iteration, we will ignore these occurrences.


Marion raised the issue that the teams might be more effective if they were organized geographically.  For example, Marion and Mark Crawford are in the same city and could work together face to face.  Tim proposed that Mark Crawford be changed to team 1 and Sue Probert to team 3.  The group present expressed concurrence.


Tim said that there was a request from Jon Bosak to take a look at the work being done by the OASIS Customer Information Quality TC, who is looking at standards for name and address contact information.  Tim volunteered to investigate and report back to this group.


8. Next meeting.


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4th


The numbers to call are:

954 797 0718 (international)

877 322 9648 (U.S.)

Participant code 956 824


Submitted by:


Marion A. Royal

202.208.4643 (Office)

202.302.4634 (Mobile)