UBL LCSC Telecon Minutes

Date: Tuesday 11, June 2002

Attendees: Lisa Seaburg, Peter Yim, Bill Meadows, Debby Quezadaz, Mike Adcock, Ron Schuldt, Sally Chan, Monica Martin.

1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes - Lisa to take minutes.

2. Acceptance of previous minutes - Can not accept minutes, no quorum.

3. Action arising from previous meeting. - No action items, because we are coming out of the Face to Face.

4. Face to face meeting - report

NOTE: Lisa, To make the process of getting the Action Items done, I am suggesting using the email list UBL-LCSC for output. Quite a few of the Action Items are research and make recommendation to group. Using the email list, add RECOMMENDATION to subject header when writing your email to group about what you have found. We will use these to go through and make changes, corrections, additions to our current library. This process can also be used to keep a list of bulleted items to discuss at next telecon.

5. Work plan

6. Reports on status of other UBL subcommittees

There was no one from the other committees on this mornings call. Lisa noted that we need closer alliance with the NDR because of the close links between their work and ours. She will talk to Eve about getting cross membership, so that we would have more LCSC members with knowledge of what they are doing.

7. Reports on status of other related projects

8. Other Business

Sally: X12 is developing a core component library? There is question about this, there seems to be a lot of overlap, and not a lot of coordination. We don't know of any "core component library".

Ron Schultz wanted to discuss the email that came from Klaus out of the eBTWG Steering Committee. We discussed this and the fact that Jon Bosak had written an email to Patrick Gannon of Oasis to voice our concerns. That email is available through the archives.

9. Next meeting.

Telecon call: 18 June, 2002 at 8-10am PST (Mike has already put in regrets he won't be at next meeting, will give Lisa report of Action Items.)

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa Seaburg, AEON Consulting