UBL LCSC Minutes

Tuesday -

Attendees : Tim McGrath, Bill Meadows, Lisa Seaburg, Alan Stitzer, Sue Probert, Debbie Quezadaz, Marion Royal, Monica Martin, Mike Adcock, Sally Chan, Peter Yim, Mark Crawford, Jon Bosak, quorum reached.

Apologies from Nigel

Accepted minutes from previous meeting.

0.70 Release

Mike gave status of the review of the normalized model. It is nearly completed! Mike agreed to edit the latest comments/issues speadsheet to remove all closed items. The latest spreadsheets will all be made available for the group to study before the F2F next week. Each member of the group invited to compile list of any issues – either content questions or QA queries – and send them to Mike who will collate them ready for the group to work through at the F2F meeting.

The group expressed gratitude at the great efforts made by Mike in contributing to this important review.

UID issue – agreed that a) we need to add UIDs back into the spreadsheet now that it is relatively stable, b) we need to differentiate between green, pink and other lines if possible through the UID numbers and c) that we should now look again at the UDEF method – Sally offered to provide an example to the group before next week.

Document assembly – Mike proposed that we set up each document structure in its own spreadsheet. Mark raised the issue of version management. It was reaffirmed that we should continue using the spreadsheet approach for this version but that it is becoming more urgent to discuss alternative approaches with the tools and techniques sc. Tim identified that in particular we need a richer way to define associations and the definitions of each individual document assembly.

Scope Document

Marion reported that the QA is completed and the resulting version will be available for next week’s F2F meeting. It was agreed to deal with the legal issue, raised by Monica, by introducing a reference to appropriate external ebusiness legal artifact sources.

Agenda for F2F

a)     Scope document – formal adoption

b)    Schedule review

c)     Normalised model review – final

d)    Meeting with T&T sc

e)     Document assembly and scripting review

Sub-Committee Reports


Tim reported that there will probably be a change of chair agreed by the ndr group at next week’s F2F. Eve is retiring from that position and will probably be replaced by two co-chairs, Mavis and Lisa. As a result Bill has volunteered to step up as our new lcsc editor.


Query has been raised re progress of HL7’s input to the last review cycle. Tim agreed to investigate and report back..

Other related group activities

a)     CCTS – next meeting second week I December. Current public review period ends November 22nd – lcsc don’t expect to make any comment this round.

b)    CCSD – Mike reported that there is a new paper out on associations which may be of interest to us. Mike agreed to forward this to Lisa for putting up on the web page.

c)     C) Ontology – Peter reported that currently there is a discussion re which tool to use to start to build a UBL ontology and that when decided the result will be reported back to the group. The ontology group will review Op70 and paln to generate the initial ontology based on it’s contents.

d)    X12 – Tim reported that their XML group have developed a document assembly related document which could be of interest to the group. This will also be uploaded.

e)     CIQ – latest material will also be uploaded fro the group to view if interested.


All members requested to review the latest Op70 draft material and send comments to Mike asap.

Next Meeting - Face to Face meeting 18 - 22 October, Menlo Park, CA