UBL LCSC Minutes

Tuesday - 17 December 2002

Attendees: Tim McGrath, Bill Meadows, Jon Bosak, Nigel Wooden, Peter Yim , Debbie Quezadaz, Sue Probert, Monica Martin, Marion Royal, Lisa Seaburg, Mike Adcock & Gunther Stuhec.

1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes Peter is taking minutes.

2. Acceptance of previous minutesWe did not have a quorum, therefore this item was postponed.

3. Status of outstanding Issues from last week

Test Schema generation -- Gunther will do another test with latest spreadsheet received from Mike Adcock. Will test with the "Invoice" document. Assemble document types (see below) Response to UDEF presentation Tim had discussion with Bill French, but have not contacted Ron yet. Still on Tim's task list, but low priority. Jon mentioned that the UDEF case came up at the MOUMG meeting in Paris last week, and the and the reaction is similar to ours (noting that UDEF is a parallel effort to CC.)

4. Analysis Team report (Sue/Michael)

Sue reported that Mike had done a lot of work while at the TMG meeting. Analysis team met today, mostly discussed issues SAP had with the normalized model (especially with many-to-many relationships.) While Mike feels it will be sorted out in document assembly, SAP is probably looking for more clarification. Michael has sent out a position paper on this. Sue thinks we might need a meeting just on this topic and open up the topic to general discussion. Tim: maybe we will put this item on the agenda of a meeting (Sue: after Christmas during which the SAP people can join us.) Tim/Sue/Nigel: We don't see this as a "show stopper", though.

5. Assembly Team report (Mike)

Mike's question about "Order Change" was discussed Tim: have a replacement order refer to a previous order (same way it refers to a contract, ... etc.), and do away with a "Order Change" as a different document. Nigel & Mike concur. we'll need one more iteration to bring corresponding business rules back into the documentation, and then pass the work over to QA. Ref: Task of generating the remaining columns on our spreadsheet. Generating ID's (so that Gunther has something to work with) UBL name Recommended codelist column also needs updating Analysis team to work on this, prior to passing the spreadsheet over to QA.

6. QA Team report (Marion)

Scope Statement - due for a next iteration (given recent clarifications in business rules.) Sue: look forward to the QA team to provide "business QA consistency" check. Bill Meadows will take on this role. Lisa: NDR team members also doing a review now, and will feedback to Marion. Lisa: request LC members to reciprocate and review NDR documents (which Mark Crawford will take on as editor.)

7. Packaging Team (Lisa/Tim)

Marion: would like to see the package put together ASAP, even if some are just place holders. Consistency with OASIS format (Marion), and eventually ISO format (Jon). Lists of Documents required reviewed, see http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-lcsc/200212/msg00035.html Ken Holman (invited by Jon) will help Tim with the "case study" work (doing style sheets, but requested that his name be included - which Tim agreed.) Marion request of Jon to do an "Introduction to UBL" document. might help with the overview after Tim worked out a first draft Are we making a consolidated release (LC and NDR work) or as separate deliverables? Conclusion: it will be aligned in terms of release time and announcement, but they will remain separate deliverables (and people will have to download them separately.) We'll have "Library Content" deliverables as one document, which refers to the NDR documents. Jon: ChairsSC to discuss the coordination on the release process ASAP.

8. Work plan and schedule reviewed

- we are still on schedule to the target release date.

9. Other Business:

Bill Meadows brought up for discussion on what gets public or private-working page, and how long should things be kept on the pages. policy: the significant stuff on the UBL-LCSC portal keep the current documents on the site and moved Lisa found a shareware HTML editor she would recommend. She'll post the link to it for the rest of the team. XML conference last week grew (over 600 paid attendees, plus people attending the expo) -- Jon Bosak reporting UBL was well received. Mark Crawford (opening keynote), Eve Maler, Arofan/Eduardo and Jon Bosak (closing keynote) presented. Tony Graham (Sun) presented their batch style sheet generator (for Linux or Solaris) - source will be released probably in a couple of weeks. Open Office format now on OASIS - we'll probably adopt that later. Liaison -- Jon Bosak we now have Asian representation canceling this Friday's meeting. Tim will provide a summary position that can be circulated to all liaisons. starting Jan 2003, conference calls monthly (one timed better for US and other for Europe/Asia participants), do all other work over e-mail list. Next Liaison SC call -- to be advised (probably Mondays.)

Next Meeting - December 24th & December 30th will be difficult for people to attend. Next Meeting: Mon December 23rd 8-10 PST Same Call number.