UBL LCSC Minutes

Tuesday - July 23, 2002


Tim McGrath (chair)
Lisa Seaburg
Mike Adcock
Bill Meadows
Monica Martin
Marion Royal
Alan Stitzer
Gunther Stuhec
Debbie Quezadaz
Terry Schager

1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes - Terry

2. Acceptance of previous minutes – We don't have quorum, so the minutes could not be accepted.

3. Items under review

4. Work Plan

5. Schedule for next release

6. Reports on status of other UBL subcommittees

7. Reports on status of other related projects

8. Other Business - None

9. Next meeting - The next meeting will be held on 07/30 at 8:00 AM PDT. Marion will chair the meeting in Tim's absence.

Minutes Submitted by:
Terry Schager, AEON Consulting tschager@earthlink.net