UBL LCSC Minutes

Tuesday - July 30, 2002

Attendees: Lisa Seaburg (ran meeting), Mike Adcock, Alan Stitzer, Bill Meadows, Joe Chiusano, Terry Schager, Sally Chan, Monica Martin.

1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes - Alan Stitzer

2. Acceptance of previous minutes - We did not have quorum, so no minutes approved.

Pending approval for: 09 July 2002, 16 July 2002, 23 July 2002.

3. Items Under Review

4. Work Plan: Lisa put a new version up this morning. Please download and take a look. Email comments. Choose a color and initial comments.

5. Schedule for Next Release:

Here is a list of the documents to be in the next distribution:

Editing Team Report:

6. Reports/Status:

7. Other Business: - None

8. Next Meeting: