UBL LCSC Minutes

Tuesday - 31 October 2002

Attendees: Sue Probert, Mike Adcock, Marion Royal, Peter Yim, Lisa Seaburg, Bill Meadows, Monica Martin, Nigel Woods

This is a special meeting of the LCSC scheduled because of the amount of work ahead of us. Because it is important to capture what is happening between the members of the group, I have typed as fast as I could and captured this meeting almost word for word. If you see errors, please let me know. There are gaps in some of the discussion that I just couldn't keep up with. Happy Reading.

1. Welcome from Chair and appointment of Secretary to take minutes - Lisa volunteered.

2. Release 0p70

3. Action Plan

4. QA report

Marion: Fridays call will be finalizing the Scope document.

Mike: Marion, I have a few more changes for the Scope document to send to you.

5. Other Business - No other issues.

Next Meeting - 5 Nov 2002, original phone number and time.