UBL Library Content Subcommittee – UBL-LC

Dated: Thursday, November 01, 2001


The subcommittee has the following members:


Tim McGrath, Chair

Marion Royal, Vice Chair

Lisa Seaburg, Technical Editor

Vinod Viswanaltan, Reports Editor


Arijit Sengupta

David Lewis

Eric Arnold

Hermann Josef Duengelhoef

Jack Gager

Peter Yim

Phillip Engel

Sue Probert

Arofan Gregory

Garrett Minakawa

Mark Crawford



To rapidly develop standard XML business library content by taking an existing library as a starting point and modifying it to incorporate the best features of other existing business and core component libraries.


The following is the table of UBL Library Content subcommittee’s deliverables:








Create a BIE Catalog - Identifying the BIE’s out of the xCBL Library.

Have a documented xCBL Library.


UML models of the documents.


Tools and Techniques Group should recommend final format to actually deliver work.

The priority documents are Order and Invoice as outlined by xCBL.  We will start with looking at the high level tree, then chop off sections and hand out to everyone.


Work to go through Peer Group Review.


We are associating context as we build the catalog.


* This work will be presented to UN/CEFACT as candidate core components.


We should tune and document the process as we go.


XML (XSD) Schemas for business document types

Task #1 must be in progress for this to be started.


Schema Design Rules and Naming Conventions must be defined before these can be started.


Tools and Techniques Group to give us guidance on use of XSD Schema and tools selection and usage.

Start with ABIE for business document (i.e., Order).


At what point do we apply and identify context?


There will be ongoing development as tools and techniques become available.


Example instance for each schema

#2 These are done after the schemas are written.

Task will be distributed amongst the group.

A case study of different types of samples would be desirable. (i.e., xCBL, EDI, OAGI, RosettaNet)



Customization methodology

During Task #1 documentation will be taking place.


#2 must have been well fleshed out (and the decision about an extension vs. restriction design principle must have been made)


Tools and Techniques Group to give us guidance on tools selection and usage.


The methodology should include guidelines on ways in which to restrict divergence in extensions. This is a "harmonization" aide.


There will be ongoing development as tools and techniques become available.


Documentation for business documents

Dependant on #3


Tools and Techniques Group need to give us the guidance on how to do this.


Contribute to the UBL FAQ about syntax and use of the documents we are building.




How to integrate

How to guides for

Standards convergence



Publication into Public Registries

Tasks #2, #3, and #4 must be completed.


Identification of the Registries by the TC.


(example: UN/CEFACT or ebXML)


Scope of Work:

We are document focused.  There are other groups working on the Business Process.  This needs further clarification.


Two Phases of Work:

            Rapid Development

            Ongoing Maintenance


Phase 1:

Create BIE’s catalog (Task #1)

XML (XSD) Schemas for business document types (Task #2)-ongoing


Phase 2:

XML (XSD) Schemas for business document types (Task #2)-ongoing

Examples of Instances

Customization Methodology



We could use the list of documents as our scope.


Core Library category:

  1. All the base-level and aggregate core components needed by the other categories.


Trade Procurement category:

  1. PurchaseOrder
  2. PurchaseOrderResponse
  3. PurchaseOrderChange


Materials Management category:

  1. DespatchAdvice
  2. Planning Schedule/ShippingSchedule
  3. GoodsReceipt


Trade/Payment category:

  1. CommercialInvoice
  2. RemittanceAdvice


Transport/Logistic category:

  1. ConsignmentStatusRequest/ConsignmentStatusReport
  2. TransportContract or BillOfLading


Catalog category:

  1. PriceCatalog/ProductCatalog


Statistical Reports category:

  1. AccountingReport


Candidate Documents

13.   Control Acknowledgement/Functional Acknowledgement

NOTE:  Experience shows this needs to be discussion further. 



Manner and Schedule of Work:



Description of work

November 2nd, 2001

Work plan


Develop Information/Starter Kit

XCBL Navigation tools

UML Models

XCBL Documentation

UBL-BIE template


The priority documents are Order and Invoice as outlined by xCBL.  We will start with looking at the high level tree, then chop off sections and hand out to everyone.


Starting with Order, we can break it up into several different parts:


            Detail: Item

            Detail: Packaging

We will be giving these sections of the documents to Dave Carlson to create UML models.



Logistics of Work

Check with OASIS about distributed website to share work and files.  (Vinod and Lisa will have write access to the site).


There are elists available through OASIS, we can set up our own list.  UBL-mapping@lists.oasis.org will be set up for this group.  We will also have our own webpage on the OASIS UBL website.


We will be meeting through conference calls every two weeks.  These calls will be up to 2 hours duration and hosted by company/individuals within the group.  These calls will take place at 9:00 am PST.  We have group members spread out across the globe.  This was decided as the best time for these meetings.




Terms of Reference:


Check with the other sub-committees for reference terms.


Some terms that we discussed may need to be clarified:  Common Library (Core Library, Universal Library, Base Library, Simple Library Base Set???)

Technical Liaison Roles

Informal liaisons will take place between other outside standards groups and this UBL Mapping subcommittee, through the participation within those groups by the members of this sub-committee.


Technical Liaison:

CEFACT (Eric, Sue, Mark)

xCBL (Arofan, Jack, Lisa)

xBRL (Phillip)