Supplementary Documents

Supplementary documents to support the review of the UBL Library version 0p65.

Last updated: 27 September 2002 

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Submitted: 20 September 2002, by Tim McGrath

The following are samples of UBL Order documents created using the version 0p65 schema, together with a stylesheet for rendering these in a HTML format consistent with the UN Layout Key for Orders (

Submitted: 17 September 2002, by Michael Adcock, APACS

The following document is a DRAFT of an UBL Invoice document, done using the UBL Spreadsheet and the Naming and Design Rules. This will be updated further before rendered in XSD.

The Reused Types worksheet is not complete in this sample, only the newly created Reused Types are there.

Submitted: 27 September 2002, by Calvin Smith, Patrick Garvey, and Robert Glushko of the School of Information Management & Systems, University of California, Berkeley

The Talaris Services Business Language´┐Ż: A Case Study on Developing XML Vocabularies Using the Universal Business Language

This paper outlines the methodology used in the development of the Services Business Language, an XML vocabulary for web-based services procurement developed using the reusable semantic components of the Universal Business Language (UBL). UBL is still an incomplete standard, and the complete UBL model is not yet available in a readily accessible format; many of the decisions we made reflected this reality. Lastly, we discuss the design and implementation challenges we encountered and propose rules and guidelines for similar projects.