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Ballot: IPR Transition Approval Ballot for Security Services (SAML) TC
RSA Security
RSA Security has cast a “no” vote on the IPR Policy Transition Ballot due to the timing of the ballot with respect to our recent acquisition by EMC. The SSTC is proposing to transition to the “RF on limited Terms” IPR mode, which is the most restrictive of the IPR Policy options. Because RSA is now an integrated division of EMC, the new policy would be binding on all of EMC’s divisions. Until EMC has an opportunity to fully assess the impact of the policy on IP held by its other divisions, RSA cannot commit to the most restrictive OASIS IPR policy option.

It is extremely important to emphasize that, while RSA is voting “no” on the current ballot, we firmly stand behind the current IPR non-assertion covenant that RSA made to OASIS and the SSTC regarding RSA’s own IP relevant to SAML implementations.

Our no vote obviously results in the failure of the current ballot and we have not made this decision lightly. EMC supports the SSTC’s decision to continue development of the SAML standard and recognizes that the need to transition to the new OASIS IPR policy still exists. We will make it a priority to reach a decision as soon as possible on which of the OASIS IPR modes that we can support.