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Ballot: Approve WS-Trust v1.3 as an OASIS Standard
Sun Microsystems
Unfortunately we must vote 'no' on WS-Trust v1.3 because of an
error in the specification that puts it out of compliance with the
TC's charter.

The error is that WS-Trust has normative references to W3C member
submissions, "Web Services Policy 1.2 - Framework", 25 April
2006, http://www.w3.org/Submission/2006/SUBM-WS-Policy-20060425/
and "Web Services Policy 1.2 - Attachment", 25 April 2006,
A member submission stops short of being in an advanced stage of

Also, there are apparently some substantive differences between
that member submission and the WS-Policy V1.5 specifications that
are on a standardization track at W3C, so the matter of conformance
and interoperability is left in some confusion.

The TC charter requires that such references be expressed in an abstract
manner, which would alleviate such confusion.

We hope and expect that the error can be quickly and easily fixed so
that WS-Trust can be standardized in a compliant and interoperable