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Ballot: Shall "Rewritable Resource URLs" extension be adopted as an Interface SC approved extension
NetUnity Software
I like the idea of being able to modify a URL on the client including other types of WSRP URLs as well like PBIA URLs. This has always been a problem in WSRP. However, I think this proposal is too specific in implementation. For some consumers, storing state as part of the path and not as query parameters is too restrictive. Not all consumers can or want to remap a pseudo path to a real path with parameters. This restriction could therefore exclude a whole class of consumer implementations like simple ASP.NET/JSP page consumers.

To me, the generic solution is to provide a WSRP URL parameter that can be set and the consumer would make it available on the client as some portlet namespaced query parameter or some type of delimited value within the resulting URI. I don’t think ResourceId should be touched on the client. A new extension value should be passed to the producer in getResource. This would eliminate the need to have immutable vs. non immutable portions of ResourceId.

This extension is trying to solve a very specific problem - how to use Dojo or some other Ajax toolkit and have it dynamically load script modules without modifying it for WSRP – and hence all the gymnastics with immutable vs. non-immutable path manipulation and restriction on the consumer not being able to use query parameters, etc. I’m OK with such an extension but it would be applicable to very specific consumer/producer implementations but lets not call it "Rewritable Resource URLs" but something more specific like "Path Rewritable Resource URLs”.