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Ballot: Face 2 Face Maating November
Open Identity Exchange
I see a important connection between the attribute binding pilots Google and Verizon are sponsoring and the TC's work.
The attribute binding work is intentionally basic, aimed at what Peter describes as rudimentary, but I believe helpful, complementary and constructive.

The OIX pilots could be helpful because they are real time, transparent tests of technology interoperability and the value of user asserted and permissioned attributes in the emerging identity ecosystem. The OIX pilots are highly complementary to the Trust Elevation Technical Committee work. They both aim to help existing and new real world solutions that use a step up approach to multi-factor authentication solutions.

Connecting who we are to our online identity is part of our daily lives at home, school and work. It is at the center of some of today’s most important technical, commercial and policy issues. Verifying who we are, whether on the Internet, phone or watching television touches what we can about most; our security, privacy and how we do business. This event “unpacks” identity by focusing on the roles of key players: the policy makers, attribute and identity providers, and the economics of relying parties. Google and Verizon are sponsors for the event and key participants in the pilots to come. The Open Identity Exchange will host the Open Identity Attribute Exchange Summit on Wednesday and Thursday, November 9th and 10th, 2011 at theRenaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel , 999 Ninth Street NW, Washington, DC.

Sessions will cover how identity providers can involve users in the release of information to the relying party websites that users visit. We’ll talk about new legal research, incentives for attribute providers, and discuss business models for how to charge relying parties for this information. There will be advanced sessions on new methods used to authenticate users whether it is via a password, one-time-code, mobile phone, or other techniques.

Who should come
...website operators who needs verified information about users, such as their name and street address
...if you are a company who can verify information about a user, or already has verified information that you want to help the user share, while monetizing that service
...if you are an identity provider focused on user-consent, privacy, and security
...if you are a government agency who wants to enable citizen to government interaction
...if you are an expert or analyst in the Internet identity community who can contribute to developing models that are both privacy preserving while economically viable

What days you should attend
Day One is focused on business issues. If you are interested in user experience and API flows, you should stay for day two. However that day will be working sessions, not formal presentations.

To view the complete agenda click here to register Attribute Exchange Summit. We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Don Thibeau
The Open Identity Exchange

"Building Trust in Online Identity"

Open Identity Exchange