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Ballot: Approve TGF Pattern Language Core Patterns V1.0 as an OASIS Standard
TGF has "conformance" clauses in name only

For example, #3. MUST demonstrate [3] Engagement with Stakeholders;

But Engagement with Stakeholders reads:

"There is no single, correct model for doing this successfully, but any conformant TGF program needs to make sure that it defines its own Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement Model which explicitly articulates all of these elements: map all stakeholders, coupled with the structures, processes and incentives needed to deliver full understanding and buy-in to the program, plus effective stakeholder action in support of it."

If there is no model, how do you determine conformance? To say you conform and I don't?

Or #11, "MUST have a [11] Customer Identity Management framework, which:"

And #11 says in part: "It is not the purpose of the Transformational Government Framework to address
the details of identity management but rather to give high-level guidance on the main issues that a
conformant program should seek to address based on a set of best practices which is emerging around
the world and which we believe represents a way forward for transformational government, which is
broadly applicable across a very wide range of governments."

Fairly clear that the TGF had no intention of declaring anything that resembles a conformance clause. Do whatwever you like may be a good policy document, but it's not a standard.

Standard require conformance clauses, to distinguish a conforming use from a non-conforming one.

None of the TGF conformance clauses meet that requirement.