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Ballot: CTI Common Proposal
I will be voting no on the resolution as phrased. My position on CTI Common is that we currently don’t have enough information to know whether it should be a standards-track work product. I am 100% on board with keeping the document and continuing work on it (i.e., what we have been doing) as a way to help answer these questions. My no vote does not constitute a vote to destroy the document/concept. I will list my open questions below, and I will change my vote if they can be answered sufficiently.

My open questions are:

1. What will the CTI Common conformance clauses look like? OASIS specifications are required to have a conformance section, and each specification we produce must be meaningful enough to stand on it’s own.

2. What types of software will claim conformance to CTI Common on it’s own?

3. Is there a solution to the STIX->CTI Common->CybOX cyclic dependency that I have raised?
1. Any change to STIX that impacts CTI Common will essentially force a revision to CybOX.

4. How will the overall “STIX” conformance clause be phrased? Implementers want to say they are “STIX 2.0 conformant”. Will it be “STIX 2.0 means CTI Common 1.0, STIX 2.0, CybOX 3.0”?

5. Why do downstream users of our work require this separation?
1. We have heard the “what" (that a separate document is desired) from some, but I haven’t seen “why” clearly articulated. Since downstream users are being used as a reason for this separation, the group deserves the “why” to be clearly articulated.

6. Why do Observations (nee Observables) need a different treatment from other STIX Top Level Objects (relationships, indicators, etc). I realize there is historic precedence for CybOX being separate, but this group has the power to re-evaluate whether that historic separation still makes sense.

I will reiterate that these open questions are reasons to keep working on CTI Common – to help answer them. However, for me and at this time, they are the reasons that I cannot definitively say that I think CTI Common should become it’s own work product and they are the reasons I will be voting no. That said, we have a two week discussion period and I am open to changing my vote.

Thank you.