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Ballot: XCBF CS Update
OSS Nokalva
The document under ballot was mended with the intention to clarify some important issues such as the use of BASE-64 in message exchanges and the use of BASIC-XER or EXTENDED-XER vs. Canonical XER. However, the changes made to the document didn't quite meet their objective, because there is still ambiguity both over the use of BASE-64 and over the use of CXER vs. BASIC-XER.

The document as approved in the previous ballot contained a reference to EXTENDED-XER (formerly known as VXER), which provided support for BASE-64 encodings, although there were errors in the ASN.1 notation.

I would have accepted changes in either of two directions:

1) make CXER the encoding rules to be used in exchanges and remove any mention of base-64

2) make EXTENDED-XER the encoding rules to be used in exchanges and correct the ASN.1 notation adding a BASE-64 encoding instruction

Neither direction was taken in producing the current document.