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Ballot: Approval of the OpenC2 Profile for Stateless Packet Filtering Firewall Functions v1.0 Working Draft 01 (WD01) as a Committee Specification Draft
Bank of America
Page 9, Table 1: The "delete" action refers to a Section which doesn't exist. Should it point to Section 2.6.8 instead?

Page 9, Table 2: ap-slpf, it's not clear what the "ap" part stands for. Should this be ap-slpf-query?

Page 10, Table 3: Based on the semantics specified, it appears that start-time, end-time, and duration are all optional, not required.

Page 12, Table 6: Status Code 403 be "Required" vs "MTI"

Page 13, Table 7: Need a header for the commands. Is "file" a command?

Page 14, Table 8: If the "response" option has a default of "None", then it should be considered "Optional", not "Required". For start-time, end-time, and duration, if the same semantic apply as in Table 3, then these should all be "Optional" too.

Page 15, Section 2.4.1 - Complete: Could we consider "deceived" instead? For "Running", this term could seem too Cisco specific.

Page 24, Section 5.1, "" in "dst_addr" should be quoted.

General comments: Make sure that we use straight quotes and not curly quotes: (e.g., “response”:”Ack”). Make sure that naming conventions for specifiers are consistent with lower case and no spaces (e.g., Named Group).