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Ballot: Approval of the OpenC2 Profile for Stateless Packet Filtering Firewall Functions v1.0 Working Draft 01 (WD01) as a Committee Specification Draft
sFractal Consulting LLC
Either in the introduction directly, or by referencing some other document, the document needs to explain what an actuator profile is, and how it relates to language specification and transport and especially to other actuator profiles (ie one device can have more than one profile, including custom profiles).

I believe there should be a transport section to the document (unless the previous issue is resolved by some other document that pulls language/actuator/transport together). Ie I think the actuator profiles are the document that ties it all together. if not, then say what is.

I particularly care about the AWS and Azure NACL use cases (yes I need to write up Azurew NACL) and I believe this profile meets those cases. But I think we need to document the custom extensions for both AWS and Azure to validate both the concept of extensions and the the specifics of those two implementations.