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Ballot: Approve requesting a Special Majority Vote for TAXII 2.1
DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Secur...
There is a standing proposal submitted to the TC that would only require a small change to the “3.4.1 Supported Fields for Match Table” that will address several issues identified by the community (private sector, government, international).

Some of the additional filtering capabilities achievable from the provided proposals which have been requested by the community include but are not limited to:
• Relationship pivoting (e.g. what are all relationships to a Campaign_X?)
• Filtering upon specific information if an ID is not known (e.g. what is shared about
• Filtering on TLP Markings (e.g. what TLP:AMBER data is available?)
• Filtering on confidence values (e.g. what CTI has a high confidence value?)
• Identify sighted data (e.g. what are all the sightings for Indicator_Y?)

Releasing TAXII 2.1 without addressing this gap will negatively reflect the priorities and focus of the TC to those whom have requested and anticipated this change for so long but could be addressed within TAXII 2.1 with a small change submitted to the TC for review.