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Ballot: Approve requesting a Special Majority Vote for TAXII 2.1
Mitre Corporation
TAXII Filtering/Querying has longstanding GitHub tracked issues going back to 2017 that have remained unattended all this time. As an individual that has taken the time to propose ideas on this matter it is hard to determine if we can call this specification “ready” and the consequences of publishing this document without addressing such important capability for organizations.

While this ballot is only requesting that we should move into a Special Majority Ballot I believe it is important to document and make sure this issue gets addressed in the future. The TC members should at least consider a partial solution that solves some of the longstanding issues if a full and potentially backwards-breaking solution is desired and/or in the plans for a TAXII 2.2 release.

While on prior TC calls ideas like having a separate “TAXII Query” document to fulfill this requirement are not bad. Having the issue be solved directly on the spec can ensure interoperability and better implementation support across organizations. Therefore, my perception is that something should be done on the TAXII 2.1 to at least fulfill some of the concerns brought up by the community.