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Ballot: Approve WS-ResourceProperties as Committee Spec., and send 5 specs to OASIS Standard vote?
The WSRF specs are stable specifications. There is nothing preventing anyone from implementing them, and the only possible future changes will be due to changes made to the WS-Addressing spec. Today, anyone that implements the WSRF specs needs to realize that WS-Addressing, and thus their implementation, may change. This should not be the situation for an OASIS Standard.

Taking the step of going to OASIS Standard should not be taken lightly for any specification. This should have the meaning that the specification and all dependent specifications are not likely to change for a very long time. Implementations built on an OASIS Standard should not be at risk of specification modifications that may require alterations to their code. Bringing a specification to OASIS Standard before this is the case dilutes the meaning of "OASIS Standard" and reduces the faith that people may have in specifications having that status. This is something that we learned with the WSDM specifications and should not repeat with the WSRF specifications.

For these reasons, I choose not to vote on these specs. I do not want to vote "No" as there may be cases where vendors need the "official" status of OASIS Standard before proceeding with partners. However, I am reluctant to vote "Yes" in the face of a risk of a changing dependent spec, and the potential dilution of the meaning of OASIS Standard.