OASIS XRI TC Standing Rules

Standing rules proposed as of Jan 30, 2003
Please send all comments to xri@lists.oasis-open.org (or the TC chairs, Drummond Reed and Gabe Wachob)

Rules for ConCalls
  1. Please identify yourself when you make your first comment on a call, when you make or second a motion, or when significant time has elapsed since your last comment
  2. Please keep comments succinct and on topic
  3. Try not to reiterate previous comments, but add new information /perspective
  4. Please don't interrupt or talk over the person already speaking
  5. Allow for many people to comment rather than have a few people dominate the dialogue
  6. Allow for tangent issues to be identified and moved off call quickly
  7. Please observe good conference all etiquette:
  8. Guests are welcome on conference calls with the proviso that they identify themselves as present on the call. Guests should make their intention to be present on a phone call to the chairs ahead of the time of the call so as to avoid consuming dialin lines that may needed for TC members. Guests wishing to attend multiple phone calls are strongly urged to become TC members per the OASIS membership rules. 
  1. Voting by email is permitted, subject to the OASIS rules about notice of such a vote