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20010403 - W3C QA Summit presentation*
(Associated paper)

*Important: The rest of this documentation applies only to the presentations marked "*", where the slide dimensions are designed for use at SVGA 800x600 resolution (note: if you are using IE5 then engage full screen using the F11 key; other browsers will work though for all browsers a larger screen will reveal unsightly borders around the 800x600 backdrop.)

The button bar at the top right of the screen navigates as required through the presentation (hover over buttons to see status line change and pop-up):

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  • small buttons at very bottom of bar: ("g" or "G" or ".")
    • toggle between consise and verbose versions of slide (not distinguished in some presentations)
  • top of content toggle ("=" or "-" or "t" or "T")
  • last frame viewed (Backspace)
  • body links numbered from 1 ("1", "2", "3", etc.; "0"=10)

The row of buttons at the bottom of the page indicates available () and current () modules (top row) and lessons within the module (bottom row).

This presentation is created from XML source material transformed using XSLT over two passes to create interlinked HTML files.

This presentation creation environment using XML, XSLT, XSLFO and DSSSL is the custom development of Crane Softwrights Ltd. and the document models and stylesheets used to create presentations are all copyrighted by Crane.

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