Borderless Cyber USA 2018: Slide Presentations

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DAY ONE  |  Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Welcome Remarks from OASIS and Conference Chair

  • Sandra Sargent, Cyber Security Lead, The World Bank
  • Bruce Rich, Cryptsoft Fellow and Member, OASIS Board of Directors
  • Jan Jerkielek, Senior Editor, The Epoch Times
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Keynote: Fear—Security's Weakest Link

  • Melanie Ensign, Security and Privacy Communications Lead, Uber

Managing and Measuring your Security Program Using the Cyber-Defense Matrix

  • Sounil Yu, Chief Security Scientist, Bank of America
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Open Standards Coordination Provides Low-Cost Assurance to Unmanned Platforms

  • Joe Brule, Cyber-Engineer in the Capabilities Directorate, National Security Agency
  • Mike Ridge, Embedded Systems Security Architect/Group Lead Secure and Assured Solutions, Draper

Operationalizing Automation Standards for Cheaper/Better/Faster Cybersecurity

  • Michelle Barry, Director Technology Security, AT&T
  • Michael Stair, Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T
  • Philip Royer, Security Analyst, Phantom
  • Daniel Riedel, CEO & Founder, New Context Services
  • Efrain Ortiz, Director, Symantec

Keynote: Security by Design in a Borderless World

  • Tony Scott, Former U.S. CIO and Current Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Privacy, Squire Patton Boggs

Do You See Threat Intelligence as a "Friend" or a "Foe?"

  • Jason Keirstead, Lead Architect, IBM Security
  • Ryusuke Masuoka, Research Principal, Fujitsu System Integration Laboratories
  • Katie Kusjanovic, Senior Solutions Engineer, EclecticIQ
  • Nicholas Hayden, Sr. Director Threat Intelligence, Anomali
  • Ryan Trost, CTO and So-Founder, ThreatQuotient
  • Mark Davidson, Development Manager, NC4
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Overcoming Security Automation Roadblocks

  • John Moran, Former Senior Incident Response Analyst, NTT Security; Computer Forensic Analyst, Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit; and Computer Forensics Task Force Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Trust and the Economics of Insecurity

  • Steve Bongardt, Director, Consulting Solutions, Cylance

Better Identity in America: A Blueprint for Policymakers

  • Jeremy Grant, Managing Director of Technology Business Strategy, Venable
DAY TWO  | Thursday, 4 October 2018

Keynote: Managing to Scale-A Perspective from Facebook

  • Aanchal Gupta, Director of Security, Facebook

Keynote: Evolving Cyber Threats—The Counterintelligence Perspective

  • William Evanina, Director, National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC)
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Dominant Nation State Digital Adveraries

  • Casey Fleming, Chief Executive Officer, BlackOps Parnters Corporation
  • Joshua Philipps, Senior Investigative Reporter, The Epoch Times

Next Generation Technologies to Defend Against Cunning Hackers

  • Sean Kelley, ICIT Fellow & Host Cyber Chat and Cyber Nation, WJLA-TV
  • Adewale Omoniyi, Cybersecurity and Blockchain Service, IBM
  • Don Maclean, ICIT Fellow & Chief Cybersecurity Technologist, DLT Solutions
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Protecting Small & Medium Businesses From Cyber Threats

  • Michael Aisenberg, Principal Cyber Policy Counsel & ICIT Fellow, The MITRE Corporation
  • Jon Brickey, ICIT Fellow & Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Evangelist, Mastercard
  • Sallie Sweeney, Director, Advisory, Federal Cybersecurity, KPMG, LLP
  • Stan Wisseman, Security Strategist, Micro Focus Government Solutions
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Plenary Session: National Cybersecurity: A Latin American and Caribbean’s View

  • Barbara Marchiori De Assis, Cybersecurity Program Officer, Organization of American States

Plenary Session: Super Forecasting — Even You Can Perform High-Procesion Risk Assessments

  • Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks
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Information Sharing Turns 20: Examining the Successes and Shortcomings of Information Sharing

  • Faye Francy, Executive Director, Automative ISAC
  • Joe Viens, Senior Director, Government Affairs and Vice Chair, Communications ISAC
  • Josh Singletary, CIO and Co-Founder, National Health ISAC
  • Scott Algeier, Executive Director, Information Technology ISAC

Closing Plenary: Cyber Security in the Development Context

  • Albert Antwi-Boasiako, National Cyber Security Advisor, Ministry of Communications, Ghana
  • Jane Treadwell, Practice Manager for ICT - Digital Platforms and Solutions, The World Bank Group
  • Melissa Hathaway, President, Hathaway Global Strategies