Moving Privacy Practices from Policy to Code Watering Hole Hangout

Moving Privacy Practices from Policy to Code:  Is it Really Happening?
with Robin Wilton and Dawn Jutla

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We have no shortage of lists of privacy GOALS -- from the 1974 US Privacy AcT and the FIPP, to the thick flock of "privacy policies" on commercial websites, to more recent European data protection legislation, and the special rules for regulated industries like e-health.   But are we meeting those goals?  More to the point, do we have technology that actually makes it possible?   Join us as we explore current technical projects that actually measure, implement and protect private and personal data as it travels through a very open Internet.  Attend this live video conversation where privacy experts share their perspectives.

We'll explore:

  • Real methods of assessment and design -- PMRM and PbD
  • The encrypt-the-whole-web plans, at various levels, and what that really might protect, or not
  • Evolution in the expectations of citizens and governments -- recent white house announcements, etc.


  Dawn Jutla is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary researcher and full professor at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University. She received her Masters and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Her 1996 PhD work on multi-view access control has been cited in Xerox, IBM, and Koninklijke Philips Electronics' US patents. She reviews for IEEE Cloud Computing and IEEE/WIC/ACM Web Intelligence conferences. Read more...


Robin Wilton brings 28 years of industry experience to the role of Technical Outreach Director for Identity and Privacy, in the Internet Society's Trust and Identity Initiatives group. Since 2001 he has specialised in digital identity, privacy and public policy, building a reputation as a thought leader, communicator and translator between different stakeholder groups.  Read more...

  James Bryce Clark, General Counsel for OASIS, advises on legal and policy matters as well as the consortium's extensive liaison efforts. He is an expert adviser on automated contracting and Internet law for the U.S. State Department, and serves on standards interoperability and review boards for the European Commission,  the OECD, NSTIC and the Kantara Initiative.  Jamie holds JD and BSc degrees from the University of Minnesota. Read more...


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